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Big Blue Daily: Daboll Speaks To The Media

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In today’s press conference, New York Giants head coach Brian Daboll provided insights into various team updates and player situations ahead of their upcoming game against the Rams. Here’s a summary of the key points addressed by Daboll:

Injury Update: Daboll kept it concise, stating that the team would assess the players after practice to determine their status. This cautious approach suggests a wait-and-see strategy regarding the injury concerns.

Craig Fitzgerald’s Departure: Confirming the departure of Director of Strength and Performance Craig Fitzgerald to Florida, Daboll acknowledged the significance of Fitzgerald’s role within the team and wished him well in his future endeavors. However, he hinted at addressing the vacancy post-season.

Darren Waller’s Condition: Responding to queries about tight end Darren Waller’s late-game injury, Daboll assured that Waller is alright despite taking a hit to the back. He acknowledged Waller’s progress throughout the week, focusing on the preparations for the upcoming game against the Rams.

Tyrod Taylor’s Influence: Daboll praised quarterback Tyrod Taylor’s professionalism and character, highlighting his positive impact on teammates and coaches due to his exemplary work ethic and demeanor. Taylor’s resilience and leadership qualities were acknowledged as invaluable assets to the team.

Evan Neal’s Positional Change: When asked about the potential shift of Evan Neal to guard following the end of his season, Daboll kept the focus on the immediate task at hand, emphasizing the team’s concentration on the upcoming Rams game before evaluating future lineup changes.

Assessment of the Offensive Line: Daboll provided a general comment on the team’s collective effort to improve, steering clear of detailed evaluations. He hinted at ongoing efforts to enhance the offensive line’s performance for the upcoming game.

Transitioning Players between Tackle and Guard: Regarding the skill set needed for players to transition between tackle and guard positions, Daboll hinted at the complexity of such moves, noting that each player and scenario demands a unique assessment.

Daboll’s responses showcased a blend of caution, focus on the immediate game, and a willingness to address future team developments at the appropriate time. With the Bills gearing up for a crucial matchup against the Rams, Daboll’s pragmatic approach aims to maintain the team’s concentration on the task at hand while keeping an eye on future adjustments.

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