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Brazil’s Dominate Run Continues After Two Blowout Victories in International Play

Brazil’s dominate run continues after two blowout victories in international play. The five-time World Cup champion nation have been on an outstanding run of late, winning five straight games while being unbeaten in their last 15 matches.

They continued their World Cup preparations against two World Cup teams of Ghana and Tunisia. Though not the fiercest opponents, Brazil looked unstoppable in there two friendlies as they are still currently the number one favorites to win it all in Qatar.

Brazil vs Ghana

Brazil started the game in a 4-3-3 formation. Richarlison was the lone striker with Vini Jr and Raphinha as the wingers. Neymar played as an attacking left midfielder with Casemiro as the center midfielder. Tite had Alex Telles, Marquinhos, Thiago Silva and Militao in the back with Liverpool’s Alisson in the net.

Brazil got on the board early with a header from Marquinhos from a corner kick from Raphinha. Later, Richarlison scored twice to make it a 3-0 lead before halftime. Both of his goals were assisted by Neymar. The second half was quiet with no goals scored, but that did not stop Brazil from their continuous attack in the net with a total of 21 shots (nine on target) in the game.

Despite not scoring, Neymar continues to find a way to contribute to the offense with his two assists along with three shots (two on target). Richarlison was also great in the game with two goals on three shots (two on target). Both Raphinha and Paqueta were dominant on the right side of the field by feeding crosses to the middle of the field.

The defense for Brazil was lights out. Veteran defender Thiago Silva paired perfectly with Marquinhos to make important clearances in the back. They limited Ghana to just one shot on target. Brazil was the overall dominate team with over 60% of the possession. There could have been more goals scored that Brazil missed in the second half, but regardless it was a very well-played match by Tite’s squad with Brazil’s dominate run continuing.

Brazil vs Tunisia

For Brazil’s second friendly, Tite changed up the formation. He played them in a 4-2-3-1 with some changes in the lineup. He decided to bench Vini Jr and move Lucas Paqueta to the left wing. Neymar moved to the center midfield and Fred started in the lineup as a center defensive midfield with Casemiro. Also, Danilo got the start over Militao as right back.

Brazil’s attack really came out with a total of five goals scored. Richarlison continues his dominant form with another goal, along with a goal from Neymar, Pedro, and a brace from Raphinha. Richarlison also contributed with an assist along with Raphinha.

Every player in Brazil’s attack contributed in some form during the game. Casemiro assisted Raphinha’s first goal and Fred was very efficient in disturbing passed to the attack. The man of the match was Raphina, with five shots (two on target) with two goals and an assist. He contributed to three of the five goals for Brazil.

The defense for Brazil made a crucial error during Tunisia’s corner kick by leaving Montassar Talbi open that allowed him to score on a header to tie the game up early. Since then, there was little for the defense to handle with Brazil taking over 65% of the possession and 18 shots (10 on target). Part of Brazil’s dominate run of late has been their ability to keep possession of the ball and taking many opportunities in front of the net.

What will Brazil’s Lineup Look Like Come the World Cup?

Tite has experimented with different formations so it wouldn’t be a surprise if he comes out with different formations each match. Richarlison will start as striker for Brazil, with Vini Jr and Raphinha in the wings. Neymar will be the center midfielder with Casemiro and Lucas Paqueta as defensive midfielders. The back four would be Alex Telles, Marquinhos, Thiago Silva and Militao with Allison as goalkeeper.

Brazil have so much talent coming off the bench as well. Rodrygo can come off as a sub on the wing or in the middle of the field. Antony would be a great sub as a winger. Philipe Coutinho would also be a good offensive sub late in games. Danilo and Bremer are great defensive subs while Ederson is a fantastic choice of a goalkeeping sub for Alisson. There is also Gabriel Jesus who will be an important sub for Richarlison as the striker, despite him being left off the call up list due to injury.



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