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Carson Wentz to Indianapolis: From an Eagles Fan

The shoe has finally fallen. After all the drama and back and forth, all the leaks and supposed offers and counteroffers, Carson Wentz is no longer a Philadelphia Eagle. Adam Schefter broke the news with Chris Mortenson, announcing at 11:44 AM that Wentz had been dealt to the Indianapolis Colts for a 2021 third round pick and a conditional 2022 second rounder. That second rounder becomes a first rounder if Wentz plays 75% of the snaps for the Colts, or he plays 70% and the Colts make the playoffs.

The Trade

Given what we know about the dealings, I think the Eagles got as much value as they could have gotten. The first rounder is the key here. Initial reports from the Colts were two second rounders and possibly another mid-round pick. I’d take a first and a third over two seconds. The chances of the pick turning into a first rounder is also fairly likely. 

Of course, Wentz was basically the worst quarterback in the league last year, but the Colts clearly believe they can fix him. He’s going into the best possible situation for him (barring some pass catchers) and he doesn’t have any clear candidates to overtake him. The only QB on the roster right now is Jacob Eason, who was a 4th round pick in 2020. The pathway is paved for Wentz to hit those playtime requirements. All he needs to do? Keep the Colts in contention, which they are set up to do anyways.

The End of an Era

I wrote after the Arizona Cardinals game that Wentz needed to go. It’s a sad end to what was a pretty glorious era in Eagles history. Some of the most inspired quarterback play ever on the way to the Birds first Super Bowl in 2017. Two more years of making the playoffs with dramatic circumstances, including the Double Doink game against the Chicago Bears. It’s a shame it had to end this way, but it did have to end. Going into the season with two quarterbacks would have been a disaster, both constantly looking over their shoulders. With all the mudslinging that came out about Wentz attitude problems there wasn’t any coming back. Many franchises dig themselves into a hole by holding on to sunk cost fallacies. The Eagles smartly didn’t do that.

Into the Future

Now, the Eagles seem pretty well set for the future. Yes, Wentz dead cap hit of 33 million will be the largest of all time. But all that money disappears after this 2021. The chances of the Eagles competing in 2021 was low anyways. They just finished last in the worst division in history. Go into 2021 with Jalen Hurts and see what you have in him. Barring retirements, the offensive line will be pretty good, and Miles Sanders is a good running back. If the Eagles manage to snag one of DeVonta Smith or Jamarr Chase, Hurts will have every chance to succeed. Either he does and the Eagles have found their next guy, or he stinks and the rebuild can start in earnest with another high pick in 2022, hopefully along with the Colts pick as well. 

As much as I believe in Wentz and wish him well, this was the right move for the organization. It’s good that the Eagles saw that. So long Wentz, and thanks for 2017. Here’s to Jalen Hurts and the future!

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