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Football Like They Mean It

The Miami Dolphins are playing football like they mean it! The palpable drive for success the Dolphins bring to the field have makes their games something not to be missed.

Through Good (and Bad) Times

First things first, this past weekend’s game didn’t go as hoped against the Philadelphia Eagles.  

Image – The Athletic

Tyreek Hill took a lot of the responsibility for that loss. Whether he deserved to carry the blame or not is another question. If you watch his press, Tyreek generally expresses how his performance affects the team. He is clearly a leader beyond his position on the field. Regardless of the week 7 loss, for Miami everything about how they are coming at this season is still full speed ahead. With a season record of 5-2 and as AFC champions, we are quickly approaching mid season with optimism. 

Image – Bleacher Report

Making History

Miami has given us some great thrills, scoring a historic 70 points against the Broncos and rookie De’Von Achane shining with 233 total yards, and four touchdowns in that same game.  We can agree it has been an amazing season of football for the Dolphins. Looking forward, week 8 early predictions are the Dolphins come down on the Patriots hard. If the season keeps progressing in the same way, the Dolphins are easily positioning themselves for the Super Bowl. (Which they haven’t won since 1974 when they defeated the Minnesota Vikings 24 – 7). 

That Pesky Injury List

The flip side to all this amazing football we are getting is the injury list. It is still long so we might not really know who we will see on the field this Sunday until game day. On limited participation are Xavien Howard , Jalen Ramsey, Nik Needham, Kader Kohou, Cam Smith, and Jaylen Waddle. Tyreek Hill was added to the DNP list for a groin injury and is kept company by Holland, Ingold, and Mostert. This isn’t even the whole list

Image – The Denver Post

It can be frustrating to have such a promising season and have so many starters and key players in various stages of injury and recover. If we think about it, maybe there are “so many injuries” because protocols to let players rest, heal and recover are being followed so much better. The truth is, optimal performance is not possible for an injured player, or any person. The best long term investment for any franchise is making proper medical care a priority if they want the greatest possible performance outcomes.

Nothing but Love

This Sunday we can expect a great game. After last week’s loss the Dolphins are going to come at it with everything  they can. We can count on great football played by some of the fastest and most agile players in the league. It is a good time to be a Miami fan.




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