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Jaycee Horn Scouting Report


Height: 6’1″

Weight: 205 lbs

(Pro Day: March 24th)


A cornerback for the University of South Carolina, Jaycee Horn has been all over draft boards since his decision to opt out seven games into the 2020 season. He is a very physical player who can disrupt the catch when the ball comes his direction. In his seven game senior campaign, he only allowed eight catches on 24 targets while also snagging two interceptions, the only turnovers of his career. Horn also posted 101 tackles in roughly two-and-a-half seasons, 7 of which for a loss.

Size and athleticism are his greatest tangible attributes, his quick feet, at least for his size, allow him to strive on the line of scrimmage in press coverage. His aggressive playstyle means he can stay on top of receivers down the field. The flip side of that coin is that his zone coverage is nothing to write home about.  Although he shows an understanding of where to be on the field, he doesn’t look natural quite yet. He is best used to slow down and neutralize star receivers in one-on-one matchups, which is exactly what he did against Auburn and Seth Williams. 

Horn also excels even after the ball is in the receivers hands, as time and time again on film we see him knocking the ball loose against the SEC’s best receivers such as Devonta Smith, Seth Williams, and Terrence Marshall Jr. His draft stock skyrocketed early in the 2020 season, and is expected to be one of the top three corners off the board, alongside Caleb Farley and Patrick Surtain. He will thrive in a scheme that allows him to play aggressive man-to-man coverage off the line of scrimmage, but may struggle in concepts like Cover 3.

Pros: Size, Aggressiveness, Toughness, Disruption, Man Coverage

Cons: Zone Coverage, Speed, Penalties

Pro Comparison: Sean Smith

Draft Projection: Mid 1st Round

Game to Watch: South Carolina vs Auburn – October 17th, 2020

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