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Jessica Mendoza is Breaking Barriers Again

Jessica Mendoza is the first woman to serve as a national World Series game analyst on any platform. This is not the first time the ESPN commentator has made history. Mendoza also was the first woman to commentate on nationally televised regular season games.   

“I’ve always prioritized my growth, and these new opportunities will allow me to expand my broadcasting career while challenging me at the same time. From calling MLB games on television and radio, to extensive studio work and features,” said Mendoza. “I’m excited about everything that lies ahead.”

Mendoza explains her impact is not just direct to young women, but older men. She admits there were men who did not care for her speaking sports on the radio, solely because she is a woman. However, the daughters of the men were cheerful to hear a woman speaking about sports, which changed many perspectives. 

The Olympic gold winner has definitely felt the pressure to be flawless for this World Series. Mendoza states there is “zero room for error”. She never wants the “door to be shut” on women in sports. 

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