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LA Clippers Offense Fizzles in the Clutch

As the season begins to pick up one thing’s for certain, it’s still anybody’s chance to make it out the Western Conference. Looking at the Los Angeles Clippers, while they are running with a full head of steam currently with a record of 24-12, they seem to fizzle out during crunch time in big games. Over the last five games or so we have seen them falter in games that went down to the wire.

 Sunday’s matinee against the Milwaukee Bucks, where they gave up their four point lead in the fourth quarter while also going cold missing a bundle of shots not scoring again for a good chunk of the quarter. The Clippers have had this trend of starting out very strong in the beginning of a game even towards the end; but once it gets towards crunch time or the game is close they can’t seem to secure the win. Giannis Antetokoumpo had his way with the Clipper defense using those last four minutes of the quarter to dominate and secure the win for his team. 

The defense looked like a house of cards on the interior and Giannis was just a powerful gust of wind headed towards the rim. It’s games like these where you look at the Clippers, simply shake your head and refer back to the drawing board to figure out what went wrong. The superstar Duo of Kawhi Leonard and Paul George combined for 31 of their 100 points, Leonard with 25 and George with 16 which clearly wasn’t enough to get it done. 

As head coach Tyronn Lue pointed out in the post-game interview: “Giannis took over the stretch and got whatever he wanted” and he continued by stating that the team took a few bad shots towards the end of the game that ultimately led to today’s loss. If the Clippers want to get out of the West and get a championship they are going to have to do a lot better down the stretch when it comes to closing out a game and securing a W.

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