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LA is Feeling the Championship Hangover

The Los Angeles Lakers have found themselves in a slump as of late. After the Wednesday nights loss to the Utah Jazz, the Lakers have lost five of their last six. There are many factors that may play into why this is occurring to LA.

Repeating Is An Energy Drainer

Every championship team wants the opportunity to defend their title at the highest level. Especially if that means repeating as champions. However, in theory it is a difficult task to circumvent. This season specifically is one of the most difficult for a team (Lakers) to repeat.

  • This is the shortest off-season in NBA History (72 Days)
  • Covid-19 health and safety protocols
  • Teams lose hunger and get complacent.
  • Players age and get hurt.
  • Your rivals rebuild their team and spend the off-season game planning specifically to beat *you*.
  • Every team gives you their best shot

What’s Happening W/ the Lakers

As the season began, the Lakers were one of the best three point shooting teams in the league. Alex Caruso and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope were among the top three shooters percentage wise. LeBron James was having a career year thus far from behind the arc as well. But as of late James and his fellow teammates have not been able to connect from three.

James’ last nine games from behind the arc: 1-5, 2-10, 3-9, 1-4, 0-5, 1-4, 1-6, 1-8, 2-10, 1,5.

KCP and others have also been in such a slump as well. In their last 6 games, the Lakers have shot abysmal.

Opponent Lakers 3 Point Percentage
Utah Jazz 2/248/33 (24%)
Washington Wizard 2/2215/44 (34%)
Miami Heat 2/2013/45 (29%)
Brooklyn Nets 2/188/30 (27%)
Minnesota Timberwolves 2/1611/26 (42%)
Denver Nuggets 2/146/28 (21%)

Now all of this isn’t solely on the players or coaching staff themselves. In part injures have played a factor to this. Most specifically to star forward Anthony Davis. After Davis went down with his Achilles injury against Denver, it’s gone down hill since then. Davis is a big part in what LA does on both ends of the floor. He is a offensive mismatch for anyone that stands in his way. As well as he is a tenacious rim proctor on the defensive end, forcing players to change their shots.

Lakers: Anthony Davis to miss 4 weeks, Dennis Schröder timeline unknown -  Silver Screen and Roll

In addition to Davis being out, the Lakers third star Dennis Schröder has missed a few games himself. Schröder absence has hit the Lakers in the fact that they don’t have another playmaker on the floor. Schröder was hit with the leagues Covid-19 health and safety protocols and forced to miss a week of action. However, Schröder tested negative with the virus and should return to the team soon.

Things To Consider

Before we begin to hit the panic button, LA still a lot of time before the postseason. As long as they can make the playoffs, there’s always a chance with LeBron James. The main priority for the Lakers should be to allow Anthony Davis to fully recuperate from his Achilles. As we’ve in the past that’s the one injury an athlete doesn’t mess with. Especially if there has been prior damage to the area already. If the Lakers can remain a top seed in the West and Anthony Davis comes back fully healthy, the Lakers will be a nightmare for anyone. Fortunately for LA, it is better that they hit this slump now before playoff time.

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