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Miami Marlins 2023 Season Preview

The Marlins had a busy offseason putting together a roster of contact hitters, but it might not be enough to make the playoffs.

The Miami Marlins are coming off another losing season in the NL East, with a 2022 record of 69-93. They have historically been known for their emphasis on developing young talent and their focus on pitching and defense.

Looking ahead to the 2023 season, one factor that could impact the Marlins’ performance is the improvement and performance of their young players. The team has invested heavily in developing a strong farm system, and several promising prospects could be ready to contribute at the major league level in 2023.

Miami Marlins Key Players to Watch

In terms of key players to watch, outfielder Jesus Sanchez could be a potential breakout star in the 2023 season. He was the main return from the Rays for Nick Anderson. He has shown impressive power and hitting ability in his minor league career. Additionally, pitcher Max Meyer could also make an impact in the 2023 season. He was the third overall pick in the 2020 MLB draft and has a fastball that can reach triple digits. Meyer is currently recovering from Tommy John surgery but will be ready midseason.

Another potential factor that could impact the Marlins’ performance in the 2023 season is their coaching staff. Manager Skip Schumaker is entering his first season in South Florida and hopes to energize a lackluster franchise. He can get the most out of this team. If he can start strong in 2023, it could help propel the Marlins to success.

However, one area of concern for the Marlins could be their offense. In recent years, they have struggled to score runs. If they are not able to improve their hitting in the 2023 season, it could limit their ability to win games.  GM Kim Ng made a concerted effort to improve the lineup this winter, but it might not be enough.

The Miami Marlins 2023 season is difficult to predict, as many factors can impact their success or struggles. However, if their young players continue to develop, their pitching and defense will remain strong. They can improve their hitting, and they could potentially be a competitive team in the National League.


For a team to succeed in a season, they need strong players, good coaching, and effective team chemistry. Depending on how the Miami Marlins approach these factors, their biggest strength in the 2023 season could vary.

In terms of strengths, the Marlins could once again rely on their pitching and defense. If their many talented young pitchers can continue to develop and perform at a high level, it could give the Marlins a significant advantage on the mound. Additionally, the team has several solid defenders. This includes non-roster shortstop Jose Iglesias and converted outfielder Jazz Chisholm. They could help to prevent runs and support their pitchers.

One possible strength for the Miami Marlins could be their pitching. In recent years, they have had several talented pitchers on their roster, and that is still the case. If these players continue to develop and perform well, the Marlins will have a significant advantage on the mound.

Finally, if the Marlins can develop a strong team culture and work well together as a unit, this could be another area where they excel. If the players are motivated, committed, and able to effectively communicate and support one another, it could help create a winning environment. The biggest strength for the Miami Marlins in the 2023 season will likely depend on a range of factors, including player performance, coaching strategies, and team chemistry.


In recent years, the Miami Marlins have been known for their strong defense. They have several talented defenders on their roster, including Yuli Gurriel, Jazz Chisholm Jr., and Jacob Stallings. They have all received recognition for their defensive abilities.

One area where the Marlins could potentially excel in the 2023 season is their outfield defense. Bryan De La Cruz can hold down the fort in left field, while Sanchez can do the same in right. Chisholm is a natural shortstop, but given how many infielders Miami has, they are trying their most talented player in center field.

In the infield, the Marlins have several solid defenders as well. Chisholm is a dynamic player who has shown the ability to make highlight-reel plays at shortstop, while Joey Wendle is a reliable defender at both shortstop and third base. Additionally, Gurriel is known for his ability to pick balls out of the dirt at first and save his infielders from errors.

Overall, the Miami Marlins’ defense in the 2023 season could potentially be a strength for the team. Their outfield defense, in particular, could be a standout area with Chisholm’s potential and their other youngsters. If their infielders continue to play at a high level and their pitchers can induce ground balls, the Marlins’ defense could help to prevent runs and support their pitching staff.


The Miami Marlins have traditionally placed a strong emphasis on developing young pitching talent, and they have several promising arms in their system. In recent years, they have seen some of these pitchers make their way to the major league level and show promise, including Sandy Alcantara, Pablo Lopez, and Trevor Rogers.

One potential strength for the Marlins in the 2023 season could be their starting rotation. Alcantara and free agent signee Johnny Cueto have shown that they can be reliable and effective pitchers, with Alcantara serving as the team’s ace in recent seasons. Rogers, who was named the NL Rookie of the Year runner-up in 2021, has emerged as a potential star in the making but needs to rebound from a dreadful ’22 season.  This rotation could be one of the best in baseball.

In addition to their starting pitching, the Marlins have a strong bullpen that could potentially be a key factor in their success. They have several reliable relievers who can help shut down opposing teams late in games, including Anthony Bender, Dylan Floro, and JT Chargois.

One area where the Marlins could potentially improve is in their depth behind their top pitchers. While they have several talented pitchers, injuries and ineffectiveness can strike at any time, and the Marlins will need to have other pitchers ready to step up and fill in when necessary.

The Miami Marlins’ pitching in the 2023 season could potentially be a strength for the team. Their starting rotation has shown promise, and their bullpen has the potential to be a shut-down unit. If their pitchers can stay healthy and perform at a high level, the Marlins could potentially compete with some of the best teams in the league.

Projected Opening Day Roster

Starting Lineup

1. Jean Segura (3B)

2. Jazz Chisholm (CF)

3. Luis Arraez (2B)

4. Garrett Cooper (1B)

5. Bryan De La Cruz (RF)

6. Joey Wendle (SS)

7. Jorge Soler (DH)

8. Jesus Sanchez (LF)

9. Jacob Stallings (C)

Bench: Nick Fortes, Avisail Garcia, Jon Berti, Garrett Hampson, Yuli Gurriel

Starting Rotation

Sandy Alcantara
Jesús Luzardo
Johnny Cueto
Trevor Rogers
Edward Cabrera


Dylan Floro
Tanner Scott
Matt Barnes
A.J. Puk
JT Chargois
Steven Okert
Tommy Nance

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