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Mukhtar vs Driussi Round Two: Who Came Out on Top?

Mukhtar vs Driussi round two: who came out on top this time around?

The MVP is coming down to the wire with two MVP candidates going head-to-head again. This time the match was at Q2 stadium in Austin. Nashville is still looking to clinch the playoffs with Austin already securing a spot.

So, who got the better performance this time around between Hany Mukhtar vs Sebastian Driussi?

Nashville decided to go with a 4-4-2 formation and played Mukhtar as a striker to play alongside C.J Sapong. Austin played a 4-2-3-1 with Driussi playing in his usual center midfield position.

The defense from Austin did a better job of defending against Mukhtar and the Nashville attack. However, Austin’s Jon Gallagher conceded a penalty kick to Mukhtar that he scored on to give Nashville the lead. He ended the game with four shots (one on target), four crosses (one accurate) with one chance created.

Nashville continued to defend well against Driussi, until they left him open during a corner kick where he scored the game tying goal in the 61st minute of the game. This was a much-needed goal after going three straight games of not scoring a goal. He only had one shot (one on goal) with only one chance created.

The match ended 1-1 with great defensive performances from both sides.

With both players scoring, Mukhtar still leads the golden boot race with 23 over Driussi’s 21 goals. With Portland drawing a tie against Columbus on Sunday, Nashville will have to wait for the last two games to clinch a spot in the playoffs.

Between Mukhtar vs Driussi, Mukhtar yet again performed better over Driussi. Even as a striker, Mukhtar was able to still create chances and produce plays for the Nashville attack. Driussi was limited in the center of the field, not having too many chances in front of the net.

Nashville defender Jack Maher believes that Mukhtar should win the MVP awards because of the influence he has had on the team.

“He’s been incredible on this last run. That is a big reason why we’ve been as successful as we have been in our last six games or so. But it’s the over course of this season. I think that whenever it comes to guys that truly are, like Dax (McCarty) said a while ago, the most valuable player, Hany Mukhtar ticks all the boxes. And there’s no doubt that, at least for me and the rest of Nashville and hopefully for the rest of MLS, that it’s a no brainer that Hany Mukhtar should be MVP.” Said Maher to the Tennessean.

The last games of the season will be pivotal to decide who will win MLS MVP between Mukhtar vs Driussi. Austin will have Vancouver and Colorado coming up while Nashville has Houston and supporting shield nominee LAFC next.

Their run will not end here as both players will make a huge impact for their clubs in the playoffs while also looking to pick up some individual trophies along the way.

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