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Powder Blue is In for the Royals

Above: The Royals will wear powder blue. In this photo, a look back and a modern take of the Royals full color-on-color ensemble. The Royals are bringing back the classic pants for at least one game this season. Photo Credit – KCTV Kansas City.

The Royals will be bringing back their powder blue uniforms, which is currently a popular trend among teams.

Powder blue is in throughout MLB, and the Royals are joining the party.  The full color-on-color ensemble is returning to Kansas City this season. The Royals announced that they are bringing back the blue pants to evoke memories of players like George Brett and Bo Jackson from the 1980’s.

I mention here about KC’s City Connect jerseys from last year and how powder blue fits into the ensemble.

Powder Blue is Trendy

The Royals aren’t the only team in MLB that use this particular shade of blue. The Blue Jays, Rays, Twins, and Cardinals also wear a similar color in their regular jersey ensemble.

And the Kansas City Star notes here that the Royals follow the hearts of their fans on Twitter with the announcement.

The return to a classic look also gives a nod to a successful period in franchise history. In 1985, the team won its first World Series title wearing this look.

Final Thoughts on Announcement

So, as the 2023 season draws nearer to a start, KC is adapting their jerseys to the delight of their fans. It will be exciting to see old jerseys become new again and trigger great memories.

Likewise, new memories will be made with the return of the old pants. The Royals will wear the powder-blue pants on Opening Day and may wear them again at some other point in the season.

Are they cool? Absolutely. Will they bring new success? Maybe. I can’t wait to see what this new ensemble looks like on the field. It already looks good in promotion pictures.

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