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CPL Playoff Race

The CPL playoffs are heating up leading to the last 2 weeks of the regular season, and with only 2 spots remaining, it makes for an interesting last few matches

Firstly, Congratulations to Cavalry F.C on winning the league, and best of luck on their quest to win the North Star Cup.

The last 2 spots are currently occupied by HFX Wanderers FC and Atlético Ottawa, with York United FC on the outside looking in. The Wanderers look pretty safe, but that isn’t the case for York United and Atlético Ottawa. They’re only separated by 1 point as a lot is on the line leading up to their match against each other on October 1st.

Atlético Ottawa vs York United FC<br /> August 5, 2023<br /> <br /> PHOTO: Matt Zambonin/Freestyle Photography
Photo Credit: Matt Zambonin/Freestyle Photography

How did we find ourselves in this matchup?

Luckily for York United fans, Atlético Ottawa lost their match on Sunday against Valour FC, thanks to a late game-winner from Walter Ponce. Earlier in the day, York faced off against top of the league side Cavalry F.C. A great match with a lot to play for. Cavalry needed the win to potentially win the league that day and York was looking to make the jump into a playoff spot.

Coming up next week in the CPL

This weekend is going to be crucial for all teams in the playoff hunt. As mentioned, York and Ottawa are facing off against each other in a do-or-die game for York. Halifax are also in the mix of teams who are looking to clinch a playoff spot. York United head coach Martin Nash after York’s defeat said “We’re one point back as it stands right now. And we’ve managed to beat Ottawa twice this year already. So, hopefully, it’s one of those teams that we match up well against. They are a good side so we’ll attack the week the way we need to.”. York also looks to complete their U-21 2000 minutes with only 213 minutes left to hit that goal.

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