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Giants Playing For Each Other Has Led Them To Success

This was what the vision has been all along for Dave Gettleman. Solid offensive line play, a strong running game and the defensive solid play is what the Giants had been preaching since mini camp back in April.

Now lets not forget  New York played a very banged up Redskins team yesterday which was on their third string quarterback and a very banged offensive and defensive line. Still for New York this was how they pictured it, well without the 1-7 start.

“We’re definitely coming together and playing really well as a team, but the reason why we’re doing that is because we’re playing for each other.” said RB Saquon Barkley. “That’s the message that’s been in the locker room and that’s been the message from Coach Shurmur, is coming together and playing for one another, and when you’re playing for your brother, it makes a lot of things easier.”

Sterling Shepard echoed that statement by Barkley as the team has made the point to gel and lay it on the line for each other  “After the break or the bye, you’ve just seen this team make a complete turnaround. Guys have been playing for each other and that’s all you can ask for, especially the way the season went the first half. Like I said, it’s turned around for us and we just got to keep it going.”

Barkley stole the show yesterday by having two runs over 50 yards including one for a touchdown. After the game yesterday, Eli Manning stated that offense is now really being centered around the rookie running back. Shepard agreed and explained why the offense should be catered around the rookie sensation. “Yeah, because it’s ultimately just going to open up the pass. You’ve just got to be patient as a receiver and we enjoy blocking for him and get these big runs. It’s going to open up the pass, like I said, in the long run. Everybody will have a turn. ”

“I think it’s all connected. I’m an old offensive lineman, and I understand the importance of blocking.” said “Head Coach Pat Shurmer. “I can remember when Lorenzo White and Andre Rison and Bobby McAllister were getting praise for doing what they do, the five of us (linemen) sat in the corner, drank one more beer, and were just happy about the fact that we were winning games. It starts up front, and I think our guys are doing a better job blocking, which helps the run game. It’s much easier as a play caller also to call runs when you’re gaining yards, and when you hand the ball to a runner that can score touchdowns. I thought his touchdown run, I’ve never seen him run that fast, even in college. I think there’s data to tell us that was pretty fast. And everything plays off itself – it helps the play action, it helps the quarterback, his feet are clean because they think it’s a run, so it all plays off itself. If we’re playing right, then we need to be able to run the ball. ”

Alec Ogeltree spoke with the media and asked about the mood in the locker room and the franchise. “When you win, it definitely makes things a lot easier but for us, a lot of people just kind of forgot about us, saying we’re the same team, this, that and the other. But guys in the locker room just kept working and like I said we started to put it together, and learn how to win those games, and finish. We’re playing some good ball right now. We just got to continue to do that the rest of the season.”

The Giants will continue to defy the odds and will play the remaining games knowing that the playoffs are very much a long  shot. That wont stop the guys for trying to win every game possible. “We still have a chance so guys are still fighting around here like we do and we’ve got to continue that. ” said Shepard.

The Giants host the Titans this Sunday at MetLife Stadium.





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