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Giants Play Titans With Playoffs Hopes Still In Sight

After a crazy 1-7 start to the 2018 campaign, the New York Giants are one of the hottest teams in the NFL right now winning four out of the last five games and in  the playoff discussion. Well they have a distant shot to make it on the second wild card  spot, but they are still in the conversation.

“I think it helps.” said QB Eli Manning. “I think it helps knowing you still have a chance. It’s the mindset that we just have to keep. We have to keep doing our part, and that’s winning football games, and just knowing that there’s still hope if we do our part and get a little help. It keeps everything lively in the locker room. Everyone wants to go out there and keep winning football games, and keep feeling good in the locker room after games.”

Alec Ogeltree stated that its all about momentum and the Big Blue has been riding that momentum after the 40-16 win against Washington. “We feel confident about our ability to go out there and play well and every week since the bye week, we just got a little bit better than we did the week before and we were able to string a couple wins here, but we just got to continue to keep working and hopefully this weekend will be the same result.”

The adjustment from throwing the ball to making the run game a priority has changed the dynamic of the offense which has given more opportunity to control the ball and less chances for interceptions. “I think that works when you run the ball, and play-action, and kind of have everything look like that. Manning Continued. “It’s all about scoring points, and getting touchdowns, and moving the ball. That’s a defense that’s been playing great. They’ve been getting turnovers, and we’ve been in games and avoiding some of the negative plays. Just giving us a shot on third downs. We’re still throwing the ball and taking our shots. You can kind of beat play-actions, a chance to be aggressive and get the ball down the field.”

Through the winning streak rookie RB Saquon Barkley has taken his game to another level especially jumping over members of the Chicago Bears defensive line. Barkley who broke off two long runs against Washington told reporters yesterday that he and other rookies are finally finding confidence and finding their stride.

“I would say just confidence, his confidence – and that just comes with repetition and understanding the playbook. stated Barkley. “I feel like that for all the rookies that have been playing this year. From myself, to  B.J., to  Zo, to Grant, to all of us. That’s kind of just the nature of the game. We all want to come out and play at a high level and excellent from the jump, but it’s going to take time. It’s going to take making some mistakes and having some troubles to get to the point where we want to get to.”

The Offensive line has shown amazing improvement since their loss against the Redskins back before the bye week. “I think always with offensive lines, the more reps those guys get together”.said Manning. “Just having kind of that nucleus of guys for a number of games, being able to just make calls, and pass things off. Just being able to fire off and get that run game going. It can help all the play-actions. We’re not in as many third downs for any obvious passing downs as we were early on where the defense kind of can have a little bit of an advantage.”

Saquon Barkley feels the exact same way as Manning when the discussion of the offensive line. “The point we’re at especially in the running game and how efficient we’ve been in the running game, the confidence is very high and just playing the position of running back and the run game, so a lot of it is a feel, a feel for your offensive line. When we were talking, we were having that dialogue about what I feel could’ve happened on this play, because we were this close from popping one earlier. The Redskins guy made a good play, but I was saying if we can do this, I probably can get through and get a seam and score. The way how we schemed it up, our coaches called it perfect, and we blocked it up perfect, and I was able to score.”

The Giants host the Titans this Sunday and we will have a full preview later today!!


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