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Auston Matthews is Going to Score 60, and Slay Demons

The Toronto Maple Leafs have a new single season goals leader. Auston Matthews has surpassed Rick Vaive’s record from 1981-82 of 54 goals.

He’s not only beaten that, but he hasn’t stopped scoring at his incredible pace. What fans are witnessing is truly remarkable, and something the league hasn’t seen in a long time.


As of writing this Matthews has 58 goals in 67 games. He’ll most definitely hit 60, if not 65 with 10 games left on the schedule. In his last 50 games Auston has notched 51 goals. The first player to score 50 in a 50 game span since the great Mario Lemieux in 1995-96. No player has even hit 55 since Stamkos scored 60 in 2011-12. 


This incredible goal scoring pace is showing the world what a lot of fans already knew. Auston Matthews is the best goal scorer on the planet. Attention goes to Alex Ovechkin, and him getting close to breaking Gretzky’s goal record (which he definitely will). But more focus should be on Matthews, and if he is a future threat to the record. 


Over his career Ovechkin has averaged 0.61 goals per game. In Auston’s last three seasons, where he’s really found his rhythm he’s averaged 0.77 goals per game. Over his entire career he’s still ahead of Ovechkin, averaging 0.64. Matthews’ career goals per game is even higher than “The Great One” Wayne Gretzky, who had 0.60. 


If the COVID-19 didn’t rob us of more games Matthews easily has three consecutive 50 goal seasons, and probably scored 60 last season as well. He’s truly blossoming into the face of the National Hockey League, and he’ll break more records in the future.


Rewrite the Story


The Toronto Maple Leafs cannot, under any circumstances, waste this incredible season. The team has had 5 straight first round exits now, 4 straight in winner take all games. Playoff failure and blown leads has been the story of the Matthews era Leafs. This season that absolutely has to change.


This team has all the momentum in the world, and they’ve shown they can beat the best teams in the league. The Lightning have been struggling, they manhandled the Bruins in their own building, and proved they can at least hang with the Panthers.


This team is 100% capable of slaying their demons, fans aren’t asking for a Stanley Cup, they’re just asking for 4 wins in May. But that Stanley Cup doesn’t seem too far away.      

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