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Atlantic Division Dogfight

Congratulations everyone! We have made it to the last month of the 2021-22 NHL Regular Season. Prepare to witness what could be an all time great run into the playoffs for the stacked Atlantic Division. Four great clubs are going to spend the next few weeks duking it out with each other for the chance at home ice for the playoffs.


As of writing this on the night of the 1st, Florida is currently leading the division with 98 points. Tampa Bay sits in second with 92 points, Toronto behind them with 91 points. Boston is currently fourth in the division with 89. All four of those teams each have 67 games played, leaving an opportunity for a mad dash for playoff seeding.


What’s making this finale even more interesting is the fact the teams have a good handful of games against each other left. Those games are also getting chippier and more physical. Example being the Toronto game against Boston Tuesday night. 


Florida’s Final Month


Florida, who is holding a rather comfortable lead in the division for now, seems to have the easiest remaining schedule of the bunch, but not by much. Two games against Detroit, two against Buffalo, a game against Montreal and Ottawa will surely help them hold the lead. But they also have two against the Leafs, and a game apiece between Boston and Tampa are going to be must watch hockey.


Tampa Bay’s Final Month

The Lightning seem to be finding their groove again after a bit of a cold streak. But their run into May is going to be far from easy. Two games against the Leafs, one game in Florida, a game at home against the Bruins. But divisional games aren’t the only thing that’ll make their run difficult. A game against the very Strong Capitals in Washington won’t be easy, and a game against a feisty Winnipeg squad is going to leave some bruises.


Toronto’s Final Month


Toronto fans should be preparing for their most fun, yet stressful month of the Season. Starting goalie Jack Campbell should be healthy and it’s his net for the first time in a few weeks Saturday against Philly. Defenseman Jake Muzzin is looking like he’ll make a return in the near future. They Start April with a 4 game road trip against Philly, Tampa, Florida, and a Dallas team who is in the Playoff hunt over in the Central. They’ll play Washington twice, a second game against the Lightning and Florida. Finishing their season with a game at home against Boston.


Boston’s Final Month


Boston may currently be in the Wildcard spot, but the Bruins showed the league against Toronto that they are willing to be ferocious until playoff time. They however might have a rough month. They have games in both Tampa and Washington. Two games against a very good Penguins club. They’ll host the very talented Rangers on the 23rd. One more game against the Panthers and they’ll finish their season against the Leafs in Toronto. 


I may not have mentioned every game that these teams play from here on out. But It’s not hard to see why this month is going to be a fight to the death for all four of these teams. All I can say now is buckle up fans, it’s going to be a fun one.    

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