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New York Yankees HOPE Week: Helping Others Persevere and Excel

New York Yankees HOPE Week

The New York Yankees have announced the return of HOPE Week where remarkably inspiring stories from the area are celebrated and honored.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the New York Yankees were unable to host HOPE Week in 2020. However, this year the Yankees are excited and proud to announce the return of this week geared towards helping others persevere and excel. This year will mark the twelfth edition of this award-winning initiative and event. Beginning on Monday, June 28th, and running through Friday, July 2nd, the New York Yankees will be reaching out to many incredible community members and organizations.

Each day, the Yankees will be recognizing and honoring worthy individuals, families, or organizations with a day of celebration for their inspiring actions and accomplishments. HOPE week holds the core belief that acts of goodwill benefit much more than just the act’s recipient. Instead, these honest actions can provide an entire community with hope and encouragement to do the same.

This extraordinary program is committed to helping all people and holds no exceptions to this rule either. The New York Yankees are adamant about the involvement of each and every one of the players, coaches, as well front office staff during this week. It is their goal to make it clear that everyone, regardless of background or position, can and should work towards making their community a better place.

Creating a spotlight for HOPE Week and other similar non-for-profits to publicly explain their mission and causes is another key significance. It is vital that these efforts and programs get publicity to generate the public’s interest, awareness, and involvement towards accomplishing their missions.

The New York Yankees encourage everyone to get involved and give people HOPE. For more information about HOPE Week, please visit

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