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The Cut Welcomes In The Good Brothers and Rocky Romero

Back Sports Page presents a new episode of The Cut Pre Wrestling Podcast with hosts Emerito Rivera and Randy Zellea.

In the debut episode the boys welcome in Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson, and Rocky Romero to discuss their Talkin’ Shop PPV as well as the their current run with IMPACT Wrestling.

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Here are some interview notes:

Back Sports Page’s The Cut Pro Wrestling Podcast recently met with Doc Gallows, Karl Anderson and Rocky Romero to discuss their upcoming Talk’N Shop PPV and their current run with IMPACT Wrestling.

Here are a few highlights from the interview:

  • Anderson says that COVID among other factors allowed all three of them to have the opportunities to pull something off like Talk’N Shop A Mania
  • Gallows says that he missed the first 10 hours of shooting due to a prior engagement before returning home to film the Ball For A Ball Match
  • Gallows says that the level of raunchiness in their upcoming show is reaching “all new heights”
  • Gallows says that Romero spent the entire budget for the show on one segment, comparing it to The Matrix
  • Two new factions will be joining the Talk’N Shop A Mania Universe that will be appear on the pay-per-view
  • Gallows says that the success of the first show told them that they needed to make another
  • Anderson says that they didn’t want to do the podcast anymore when they were with WWE, but gave credit to Romero as being the “balance” between the three
  • Gallows says that they declined an offer from WWE to do their podcast due to not being able to bring Romero along
  • Gallows says that there was hesitation on using his house again for Talk’N Shop A Mania 2 after the first show, but says they have implemented new rules against using the top two floors of the house this time around
  • Anderson said that he left WWE with a big chip on his shoulder and that being in IMPACT Wrestling has been a lot of fun
  • Anderson says they want to be tag team champions but also want to both hold singles titles down the line
  • Gallows says that it’s a matter of “when” and not “if” on their return to New Japan Pro Wrestling
  • Anderson talks up both Ethan Page and Josh Alexander of The North but says that they fully expect to be tag champs after IMPACT’s Turning Point pay-per-view

Talk”N Shop A Mania 2 airs on pay-per-view Nov. 13 with IMPACT Wrestling’s Turning Point airing the following night on pay-per-view.

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