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Boston Celtics Point Guard Makes History

BOSTON – After the NBA revealed the finalists for the 2021-22 Defensive Player of the Year award on Sunday, Boston Celtics’ point guard Marcus Smart won the award less than 24 hours later. Marking the first time a guard has won the award in 26 years. 

The Defensive Player of the Year award was officially introduced to the NBA in 1984 with Milwaukee Bucks shooting guard Sidney Moncrief winning the award in the ‘82-’83 season, then again during the ‘83-’84 season. 

After winning the award, Smart joins elite company as he is only the third guard in NBA history to win the DPOY award. The only other two guards were Moncrief and point guard Gary Payton during the ‘95-’96 season with the Seattle Supersonics.

The decision comes as a seemingly easy one to most as Smart led the defense for the Celtics, who ended the regular season with a defensive rating of 106.2, the best of any team in the league. 

Smart’s elite defensive prowess and decision making transcends just the second half of the regular season and carried over into the playoffs, as his elite defensive prowess allowed the Celtics to hang on for a Game 1 win by being a key component in a final possession stop against the Brooklyn Nets. 

For the Celtics, their defense is going to continue being the primary factor in determining just how deep of a playoff run they’re in for, and Smart is going to be at the forefront of the whole thing. 


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