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Back Sports Page Predicts Super Bowl LVII


This Sunday the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles will brawl in the desert of Phoenix to decide Super Bowl LVII. We asked all of our NFL writer’s to submit their predictions for the game. Here’s what we all think the end result will be of Sunday’s showdown.

Brock Voth

Chiefs: 34, Eagles: 31

The reason why I think the Chiefs will edge out the Eagles is the mismatch between the Eagles’ pass defense, which struggled throughout the season. Also, they are going up against Patrick Mahomes who is having an amazing season. On the other side of the ball, the Eagles will lean on the ground game like they have all year, but the Chiefs defense have done a good job slowing down rushing offenses most of the year. That will put the pressure on Jalen Hurts to lead the Eagles by throwing the ball. That is easier when you have DeVonta Smith, and A.J. Brown to throw to, but can the Eagles’ O-line live up to the title of “Best offensive line?” Last, but not least, the Chiefs are more battle tested than the Eagles, which is why I give them the edge.


Nate Powalie

Eagles: 31, Chiefs: 21

Philly’s receiving corps is more dynamic (and healthier, at that) than the Chiefs. With Mecole Hardman out for KC, that’s going to put more of a load on JuJu Smith-Schuster and Travis Kelce to step up. Plus, Philly’s defense is a stingy one and they don’t allow a whole bunch of big chunk plays. I think Mahomes will have quite a bit of difficulty keeping up with Hurts in that aspect.


Mason Wood

Chiefs: 34, Eagles: 27

I truly believe this game will be a close one and quite possibly a showdown for the ages. Mahomes has been a man on a mission these playoffs and now this Chiefs team is back having known what it’s like to lose the Super Bowl. The Eagles remind me a lot of last year’s Bengals who made the Super Bowl and lost to the Los Angeles Rams, a team that should’ve had a title years prior. The same can be said about these Chiefs. They have been waiting to get back here and get Mahomes a 2nd ring, and I don’t think they will take it for granted twice.


Stuart Otto

Chiefs: 27, Eagles: 23

This should be a great game. I think both offenses will be able to move the ball. The Eagles WR corps is a tough match up for this young Kansas City secondary. They’ll be tested early as the Chiefs will sell out to stop the run. The Chiefs offense was great on early downs vs the Bengals and they will need to replicate this in order to have a chance at winning this game. The Eagles defense has a definitive advantage in this game rushing the passer. However, I think Kansas City can run the ball on this defense and (because the Eagles primarily run zone coverage) have an effective short passing game, keeping them out of 3rd and long.

In the end, what matters is can Jalen Hurts capitalize on the passing opportunities the Chiefs’ defense gives him? Will Kansas City stay out of 3rd and long situations? If this is a close game, I trust Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid more when the game is on the line. Give me the Chiefs.


Jake Piccuito

Eagles: 35, Chiefs: 21

This game will be decided in the trenches. The Eagles and Chiefs have the top two offensive lines on the league. Whoever can get pressure and sustain it will not only dominate the game, but be Super Bowl Champion. In my opinion, the Eagles have a better all-around team. Given there advantage on the offensive lineman and everywhere else I believe the Eagles will beat the Kansas City Chiefs. You can watch me go even more in depth Friday around 7 P.M. Est on the Onside Take podcast with Erik Livengood.


Joe Shea

Chiefs: 27, Eagles: 21

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