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Big Blue Report: Daboll Speaks on Thanksgiving, Devito and Much More!

In an exclusive interview featured on, head coach Brian Daboll provided an in-depth look into the team’s preparations for Thanksgiving and the strategic evolution within the quarterbacking realm. As the Giants gear up for crucial matchups, Daboll’s perspective sheds light on their approach and mindset.

“We’ll be in earlier in the day for meetings, allowing everyone to get out a bit earlier to spend quality time with their families,” detailed Daboll, outlining the adjusted Thanksgiving schedule. The emphasis on work-life balance during the festive season underscores the team’s commitment to cohesion both on and off the field.

Reflecting on past Thanksgiving experiences, Daboll humorously noted the intertwining of football and family traditions. “It hasn’t been a typical holiday for me in the last 25 years due to my job,” he chuckled, highlighting the prevalence of games and the family’s shared love for football during these occasions.

Transitioning to on-field matters, Daboll elaborated on the growth of quarterback Tommy DeVito and the collaborative approach in shaping game plans. “We’ve tailored our strategies based on what we believe serves our game plan best,” Daboll emphasized, dispelling any notions of limitations based on personnel. “Tommy’s adaptability within the team’s framework has been impressive,” he noted, lauding DeVito’s receptiveness to the coaching staff’s guidance.

DeVito’s exceptional performance on critical third downs in a recent game didn’t escape Daboll’s attention. “Every down is vital,” Daboll stressed, acknowledging the impact of such proficiency in sustaining momentum. However, he underscored the need for comprehensive excellence across all downs for sustained success.

Throughout the conversation, Daboll’s coaching philosophy emerged—a blend of adaptability, effective communication, and a relentless pursuit of cohesive team play. “The quarterback-coach relationship is pivotal,” Daboll highlighted, emphasizing the symbiotic bond necessary for on-field success.

As the Giants brace for pivotal clashes, Daboll’s meticulous attention to detail and his knack for leveraging player strengths signal a team poised for greatness. “Adaptability and collaboration are key,” he affirmed, hinting at a methodical approach aimed at steering the Giants toward a successful season.

In essence, Daboll’s leadership extends beyond game plans—it’s about fostering a resilient, united team poised to overcome challenges. With Daboll at the helm, the Giants appear primed for an exciting journey fueled by his unique coaching philosophy and unwavering commitment to excellence. For more insights and updates, visit

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