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Dolphins’ Schedule Release – 2023/2024 is Going to be Good

The real start to football season is the schedule release and oh boy! May 11th the NFL did just that. The Dolphin’s schedule for 2023/2024 is good and we are excited! 

The Video

First, while Miami didn’t have the very best schedule release video, it wasn’t the worst either (all things being fair), there were a few good jokes to be sure. What it did do, with total success, was signal the start of football season. Really. that’s all it needed it to do.

Second, Miami has been doing their best to select players and make moves to fortify their strengths and minimize their deficits during the off season. We are surely in for some great football this year from the Dolphins.

 Image – Miami Dolphins


One of the greatest things about football is each year watching how the former players adapt to new team members and new personalities, they start moving in different ways than the year before as they “find their rhythm”. It’s the same team and also never the same team. Additionally, each franchise is going through that same experience; a shift in team dynamic. The teams change as a whole.  Rivalries between teams and discrepancies in performance adjust, as new skills and experiences combine. Sometimes the change goes slowly over years the way we saw the Bengals elevate themselves, or can be abrupt. When Tua Tagovailoa joined Miami as their QB he seemed to have brought the secret spice. He was like “just a little bit of pixie dust” for them, and they ran with it – until they didn’t.

How It Starts

The 2023/2024 season begins for the Miami Dolphins September 10th Miami against the L.A. Chargers (who have only ever played in one super bowl in 1994). They follow with the New England Patriots who have won 6 super bowl titles since 2002 and have played in 11 since 1985, Then the Denver Broncos (8 appearances, 4 wins), and the Buffalo Bills (4 appearances). 

It’s a good schedule and could prove to be extremely advantageous. When the the Dolphins started last season, they were strong.  Even though it turned into a roller coaster ride after they lost their star QB, they have all the promise in the world when it comes to pure athleticism.  Besides, Miami getting the win early in the season would build confidence and hone skills. All of these teams starting off this year  are strong competitors. 

We will get an idea of how the 2023-2024 season Dolphins are going to play during practice this summer. But it’s going to be the pre season when we start to see how they really come together. They will be playing 2 of their pre-season games relatively close to home: Atlanta Falcons (TBD), Houston Texans (Aug. 19th), Jacksonville Jaguars (TBD). There is a lot of opportunity for Miami fans to get into the stadium and show support. 

New and Old

The lowest number of draft picks were made by the Dolphins in all the NFL this year but have been busy, busy when it comes to transactions in general. They have made some high quality trades and kept some of their highest performing players. Notably re-signing unrestricted free agents Raheem Mostart (RB) and trading Hunter Long (TE) to the Los Angeles Rams in exchange for CB Jalen Ramsey. 

Jalen Ramsey, image –

Tylor Kroft?

They acquired Tylor Kroft (TE) who spent 4 years with the Bengals before the next 2 with the Buffalo Bills. Moreover, at 30 years old and with 8 years in the NFL, he could be a welcome, experienced addition. Ideally Kroft is coming in complementing an extremely talented, but also young, team.

Tylor Kroft, image – Dolphin Talk


Then again, kroft also might not work out. He was only with the Jets one year before moving on to the 49rs making the Dolphins the third team in the same amount of years. We all have seen that Miami can be  ‘fickle’ when it comes to players shifting around. 

No one actually knows how any of it will turn out. Which is one of those variables that makes football captivating.  Because there are so many components in motion, we just have to wait and see how things turn out. For now, we have a lot of anticipation and a season schedule:

The Schedule 2023/2024

Week 1 – Las Angeles Chargers, 9/10/23

Week 2 – New England Patriots, 9/17

Week 3 – Denver Broncos 9/24/23

Week 4 – Buffalo Bills, 10/1/23

Week 5 – New York Giants, 10/8/23

Week 6 – Carolina Panthers, 10/15/23

Week 7 – Philadelphia Eagles, 10/22/23

Week 8 – New England Patriots, 10/29/23

Week 9 – Kansas City Chiefs, 11/5/23

Week 10 – BYE WEEK

Week 11 – Las Vegas Raiders, 11/19/23

Week 12 – New York Jets, 11/24/23

Week 13 – Washington Commanders, 12/3/23

Week 14 – Tennessee Titans, 12/11/23

Week 15 – New York Jets, 12/17/23

Week 16 – Dallas Cowboys, 12/24/23

Week 17 – Baltimore Ravens, 12/31/2023

Week 18 – Buffalo Bills, TBD


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