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Orioles Release ‘Quirky’ City Connect Uniforms

The Baltimore Orioles introduced a new all-black look on Monday with a mix of familiar and unusual design accents.

On Monday morning, the Baltimore Orioles released their brand-new City Connect uniforms. The jerseys are the latest edition to Nike’s active series honoring team geographic locations with fresh and innovative designs. The collection started in 2021, and the Orioles are the 19th MLB team to introduce a City Connect look.

The Design

The Orioles City Connect uniforms feature a black cap, top, and pants, separating it from the black alternate jersey already in existence. The letters across the chest say “Baltimore” like the road uniforms, but these new ones are in a white, block font with all capital letters. Instead of the cartoon bird or team nickname, the hat features a scripted “B” in the same font as the road grays. The Nike logo on the front of the jersey is in orange to contrast the black material. The numbers on the back are white while the last-name lettering is orange.

The real distinct feature is the lining. The inside of the jersey is covered with rainbow patches that are easily visible from a distance. There are a variety of different bright colors, most of which are not otherwise associated with the Orioles. The other item that stands out is the belt. It is a pleasant white to prevent a total blackout uniform like what MLB rolled out during Players’ Weekend in 2019.

The Symbolism

Like all City Connect uniforms, the design is loaded with symbolism. The whole outfit has more to do with Baltimore than just the name on the front. The rainbow patches on the inside represent the diversity of Baltimore, making the black and white outsides both literal and figurative. In explaining the significance, the Orioles describe the locals as a “colorful, vibrant, and quirky” people.

The organization purposely chose the city’s name instead of a nickname to more clearly reflect the city. A tribute to the local artistic community, the block font comes from the Globe Collection and Press at the Maryland Institute College of Art, which is located in Baltimore. As a nice touch, the sleeve patch superimposes the script “B” over a map of the city with each neighborhood outline.

With a long and fascinating history, Baltimore has been at the forefront of innovation and technological advancement. To honor past firsts, the Orioles claim to be the first team to put a design on the inside of a uniform. The back of the helmet includes the new team slogan: “You can’t clip these wings”. The words come from Kondwani Fidel, an author, professor, and poet laureate of Maryland. His phrase evokes Edgar Allen Poe, the most famous person from the state.


The new City Connect jerseys have largely received deflated reviews from fans and outside observers alike. Detractors amusingly say that the lettering is plain and generic, while the rainbow patches completely mismatch with the rest of the uniform. Many were prepared for the design, though, as a photo of the jersey leaked online a couple weeks ago. The full outfit is more complex than the top on its own.

While the team is celebrating the city, they are also subtly reflecting the makeup of the current roster. The 2023 Orioles are also a diverse group with lots of fun personalities. The O’s have players on the active roster and IL from five different countries and 14 American states. Their aquatic celebrations are completely player driven, and fans have quickly fallen in love with the Sprinkler and Bird Bath. People have been underestimating the Orioles for over a year now, but they are clearly a talented and exciting team.

After debuting them this coming weekend, the Orioles will wear their City Connect uniforms for every Friday home game. As with all uniforms, there will be people who love them and people who do not, and neither really hurts each other. Regardless, the Orioles will always play for Baltimore, and this year they can play for a World Series.

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