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The Off Season

There is a whole lot going on during the off season in football. It’s just more “hush, hush”.

A season of football is exciting and builds itself into the Super Bowl, an event unto itself. Then there is quiet. For a lot of people there is the Super Bowl, no football, then the regular season starts after Hall of Fame inductions. There is so much more!

Teams During the Off Season

Teams are looking for free agents, resigning contracts, and making draft picks. They are also planning, organizing, hiring/firing, goal setting and strategizing for the upcoming season. Some teams make drastic overhauls others make adjustments. This side of football is a story line to follow unto itself. The drama can be high and include surprising “plot twists”. 

Players During the Off Season

Image, PFF

The off season is the only chance players have for a much needed vacation. Taking a mini break from football to recharge and get perspective is a good thing.  A healthy individual, mentally/physically/emotionally, is able to perform better. The available time players have before training camp and  organized team activity (OTA) begins, is relatively short. A season of football is entertaining for us to watch but highly demanding on the players and their families. That short vacation time is necessary to their health and happiness.

Not all players will get a full holiday away though.  Football is a high intensity sport that tests the maximum skill capabilities and physical capacity of the athletes. Strength and conditioning to balance any weaknesses, doing rehab, or other forms of healing and recovery, are how those weeks will be spent for many. 

Image – Men’s Health

Keep Cheering

The off season is actually a great time to follow individuals and positions. If you think a player is fast in a game for example, watch their pure sprints during their off season training. Have you been worried about an injury? Check on how it’s healing.  Following the off season activities are another fun way to get to know about the players. 

There really is something about the power of positivity. It is my opinion the more we the fans can stay engaged and cheering for our teams and athletes, the better players we will get on the field. Plus, as a fan, it means football all year long, a win – win.

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