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What Should the Colts Do At 4?


The NFL Draft is finally upon us. Although they have nine total picks in this year’s NFL Draft – Round 1 (4), Round 2 (35), Round 3 (79), Round 4 (106), Round 5 (138, 162, and 169), and Round 7 (221 and 236) – there arguably isn’t one more important for the Indianapolis Colts than their first round pick at fourth overall. So, what should a team who’s had seven starting quarterbacks since Andrew Luck retired after the 2018 season do with their first round selection? 


Take a Quarterback

Most are expecting the Colts to do at fourth overall is to select a quarterback. With there being four premier quarterback talents in this year’s draft, the Colts currently appear as if they’ll be happy with whichever quarterback falls in their lap whether it be Alabama’s Bryce Young, Ohio State’s CJ Stroud, Kentucky’s Will Levis, or Florida’s Anthony Richardson. With Bryce Young and CJ Stroud being touted as the first and second best quarterbacks in this year’s draft, this hypothetically leaves the Colts with either Will Levis or Anthony Richardson. However, with the Cardinals already having Kyler Murray and news recently circulating that the Texans won’t be taking a quarterback, it could be possible that the Colts wind up with their pick of three of this year’s top four quarterbacks. 


Select the Best Player Available

Draft night is a surprising event full of twists, turns, and plenty of unexpected occurrences. With this being said, it isn’t too out of the question for the Texans to be blowing smoke when they say they won’t draft a quarterback or for the Cardinals to trade down with whomever wants to draft one of the top four quarterbacks in this year’s class. If this is the case, the Colts will have a plethora of elite prospects to choose from such as OLB Will Anderson Jr., DL Jalen Carter, DE Tyree Wilson, CB Joey Porter Jr., CB Christian Gonzalez, or CB Devon Witherspoon. All of whom can take the Colt’s defense to the next level as Jacksonville’s offense is slowly becoming a juggernaut.


Trade Up

If it’s true that the Texans aren’t planning on taking a quarterback, it could make sense for them to move up two spots to acquire the number two overall pick in exchange for the number four pick and other draft capital. Moreso, if the Cardinals aren’t 100% bought in on one prospect to select at number three overall, the Colts could potentially trade up with them giving up the number four overall pick in addition to some draft capital. But, with the current rumors swirling about the Texans and Cardinals, it doesn’t make too much sense for the Colts to move up unless they fall in love with a prospect. However, it is draft night; a night of unexpectancies, memorable moments, and craziness.


Trade Down

Although it isn’t anticipated in any way, shape, or form, the Colts could, of course, always move down in the draft. This isn’t likely because of the team’s ongoing woes at the quarterback position but it could be prove to be smart if the team falls in love with a prospect at another position. Despite it being their most obvious need, the Colts could also use help at the cornerback and wide receiver positions along with another piece to solidify their dominance offensively along the interior. If they decide to do this, they could turn to  QB Hendon Hooker with their second round pick while spending their first on generational talents such as OL Peter Skoronski, CB Joey Porter Jr., CB Christian Gonzalez, or CB Devon Witherspoon given they are still available when it’s time for the Colts to make their selection.

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