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What Yankees Can Expect from Aaron Judge in 2023

Aaron Judge will be a Yankee for the rest of his career, and now he also carries the mantle of being team captain.

The New York Yankees manager, Aaron Boone, is optimistic that as the 2023 season goes on, fans will be able to see more of new club captain Aaron Judge’s leadership capabilities. After a powerful 2022, Aaron Judge is here in the Bronx, where he’s going to play this season with the added burden of being named captain.

He is the 16th captain in the history of the Yankees franchise and the first since baseball great Derek Jeter retired in 2014. Speaking to the media as the new season looms around the corner, Manager Aaron Boone gave out what he expects from Aaron Judge. He highlighted:

“He is obviously highly competitive. He’s a guy who is always trying to get better. When he’s been at his best, it’s ‘Where can I get a little bit better?’ That’s why he’s so good at the little things within the game, the little details, how under control he is and how fundamentally sound he is, for example, on the defensive side of the ball. He’s always looking for ways to be a little bit better and I think that’s what most great players and most great athletes do.”

Boone said he expects progress in several areas since it often happens yearly for this star’s potential. Though, to be far, he did not offer any predictions about the statistics Judge could record. It would be amazing to see how Aaron Judge handles the pressure of coaching a group that is trying to win the World Series for the first time since 2009.

How the 2022 season Went for Judge

Two months after agreeing to a $360 million, nine-year contract to stay in the Bronx. Judge stated that he has some plans written down for specific 2023 goals. And he has been named the team’s captain. The first time the Yankees have a captain since Derek Jeter’s retirement in 2014.

After breaking Roger Maris’ league record with 62 home runs in an MVP season, Yankees right fielder Aaron Judge can run it back this season. Aaron Judge participated in a career-high 157 games last year, 153 of which he started. The occasional rest day and designated hitter starts have also helped to keep Judge on the field.

As a result of his powerful bat, Judge has a high strikeout percentage, finishing with 175 K’s in 2022. But he admitted that he wants to increase his contact rate. Judge mentioned that he would from time to time mix with a no-stride approach with two strikes while talking to hitters at the game. As a right fielder, he’d also aim to take home a Gold Glove award.

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