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AL Central Review and Preview: The Chicago White Sox

Tim Anderson swings during a home game for the Chicago White Sox.

The White Sox were surprisingly terrible in 2023, and it is hard to imagine them improving dramatically next year.

In a disappointing turn of events, the Chicago White Sox (61-101) concluded the 2023 season with an atrocious record, signaling the need for a comprehensive rebuild. The season unfolded as a tumultuous journey, marred by inconsistent performances and setbacks that left the team far from its competitive aspirations of reaching the playoffs.

As the South Siders face the stark reality of a subpar season, the focus shifts towards strategic reconstruction. The White Sox, once contenders, must now reevaluate their roster, player development, and managerial approach to lay the groundwork for a more promising future. The 2023 campaign serves as a catalyst for a deliberate and transformative process as the organization seeks to rise from the ashes and re-establish itself as a force in the seasons ahead down the road.

Month By Month

Spring Training and March

Chicago compiled a 12-14 record in Spring Training before splitting a pair of games with the Houston Astros to open the season at 1-1. an Opening Day win could not portend such a poor season to come.

April: Early Struggles (7-20)

The Chicago White Sox opened the 2023 season with a challenging April, concluding the month with a 7-20 record. The initial weeks were marked by inconsistency, with both pitching and hitting failing to find their rhythm. Managerial decisions faced scrutiny as the team grappled with an uphill battle. April set a somber tone, raising concerns about the team’s ability to contend in a competitive league.

May: Signs of Improvement (15-14)

May brought a glimmer of hope for the White Sox as they posted a 15-14 record. The team showed signs of improvement, with key players finding their form. Pitching stabilized, and the offense began to deliver timely hits. The month offered a contrast to the struggles of April, suggesting that the White Sox were capable of a turnaround.

June: Maintaining Momentum (13-13)

June saw the White Sox maintaining momentum, ending the month with a 13-13 record. The team continued to build on the positives from May, with both pitching and hitting contributing to a more balanced performance. June hinted at the potential for a mid-season resurgence, but challenges still loomed on the horizon.

Silent Second Half

July: Midseason Setback (7-16)

July proved to be a setback for the White Sox as they stumbled to a 7-16 record. The promising signs from June faded, and the team faced difficulties on multiple fronts. Injuries and inconsistent play plagued the South Siders, putting a dent in any hopes of a midseason turnaround. Managerial decisions faced increased scrutiny as the team confronted the reality of a challenging season.

August: Continuing Struggles (10-17)

The struggles persisted into August as the White Sox posted a 10-17 record. Injuries and a lack of cohesion persisted, preventing the team from gaining momentum. Pitching woes and offensive inconsistencies further compounded their woes. August raised questions about the depth of the issues facing the organization and the potential need for a more comprehensive reassessment.

September: Season’s End (8-19)

The White Sox closed out the 2023 season with a challenging September, finishing with an 8-19 record. The final month reflected the culmination of a difficult season, with the team unable to salvage a positive conclusion. The struggles across pitching, hitting, and overall team dynamics highlighted the need for a strategic overhaul heading into the offseason.

In reflection, the Chicago White Sox’s 2023 season was a rollercoaster of highs and lows. Initial struggles in April gave way to signs of improvement in May and June, only to be followed by midseason setbacks in July. August and September compounded the team’s challenges, showcasing the depth of the issues that require attention. As the season concludes, the White Sox find themselves at a crossroads, facing the imperative to rebuild and reassess every facet of their operation for a more competitive future. The lessons of 2023 will undoubtedly shape the team’s trajectory in the seasons to come.


Chicago is heading towards a colossal rebuild after failing to contend for championships with its past group. SS Tim Anderson is now a free agent despite early hopes he would lead the White Sox to glory one day.

The White Sox could not win ball games in the worst division in baseball, paving the way for a full-scale tear down. Honestly, I have to say I am more concerned about Chicago than anyone else in the AL Central.

Sure, the Cleveland Guardians haven’t won a title in forever, but at least they had playoff consistency of late. The Minnesota Twins just won a playoff series, the Kansas City Royals are loading up on young talent, and the Detroit Tigers are on the cusp of competing.

Chicago, a team in constant rebuild for much of the last decade, came away with absolutely nothing to show for it.

To make matters even worse, the franchise will forever be known as ‘little brother’ to the cross-town team over at Wrigley. Only one city pulls the whole ‘two team town’ thing off and it just so happens to be New York.

I really wouldn’t be shocked to see the White Sox eventually end up in Charlotte or Raleigh one day. After all, the White Sox currently keep all but one of their farm teams in the Tarheel State, with Birmingham housing the AA Barons squad.

An aging ballpark, a failed rebuild and the ‘little brother’ syndrome have me thinking the White Sox relocate to North Carolina, Montreal or Nashville in the next decade, depending on how Manfred and the Braves view things.

For now though, let’s focus on the upcoming season at hand.

Prediction: Chicago White Sox (56-106)

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