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AL East Review and Preview: The New York Yankees

New York Yankees shortstop Anthony Volpe is upset after a call at home plate.

The Yankees had a disastrous season where they missed the playoffs, but a blockbuster trade could push them back to October.

The 2023 season proved to be a disappointing campaign for the New York Yankees (82-80), culminating with a record that fell far short of the storied franchise’s illustrious standards. Long accustomed to championship pursuits, the Yankees found themselves grappling with mediocrity, missing the postseason amidst injuries to OF Aaron Judge and DH Giancarlo Stanton.

The lackluster performance underscored a myriad of challenges, from injuries to underwhelming player contributions, leaving fans and the organization yearning for the accustomed glory associated with the pinstripes. As the Bronx Bombers reflect on a season marred by unmet expectations, the urgency to recalibrate and restore the winning tradition looms large. The disheartening outcome prompts a soul-searching moment for a franchise synonymous with success, emphasizing the imperative for strategic recalibration to reclaim their perennial status as contenders in the unforgiving realm of Major League Baseball.

In this in-depth review and preview piece, we will look back on the highs and lows of the 2023 Yankees season, while projecting the path forward for 2024 and beyond.

Month By Month

Spring Training and March

The Yankees compiled a measly 13-18 record across Spring Training, while looking to develop several up-and-coming farm system players, such as SS Antony Volpe. New York opened the season with a 5-0 win over the San Francisco Giants on Opening Day to earn a 1-0 record in March. Volpe made some early headlines with his exciting ability to steal bases.

April: Treading Water (14-14)

The Yankees got off to a bit of a slow start compared to prior seasons, splitting their 28 April games for a record of 14-14 during the month. New York saw early season brilliance from Aaron Judge at times but struggled to put together any consistent weeks of baseball while seesawing between wins and losses.

May: On the Rise (19-10)

New York returned to its winning ways in the month of May, going 19-10 across the stretch of 29 games to regain traction in the AL East. The Yankees ended the month in prime position to run down the Tampa Bay Rays for divisional bragging rights.

June: Midseason Slump (11-12)

With the injury to Aaron Judge plaguing the pinstripes, New York limped to an 11-12 record across the month of June. The Yankees largely fell out of AL East contention, signaling the start of what would be a long summer ahead.

Out of Contention

July: Disastrous Stretch (10-15)

The horrors of June got even worse in July, as the Yankees became riddled with injury and suffered a 10-15 record across the month. New York’s lineup became almost unidentifiable, as veteran has-beens and second-tier prospects made up the starting lineup. The franchise known for its consistent dominance became a league-wide laughingstock, as the upstart Baltimore Orioles and low-budget Rays began to pull away further and further.

August: Sluggish Slog (10-18)

The month of August saw another despicable body of work from the Bronx Bombers, this time to the tune of 10-18. New York fell completely off the map from postseason contention, with MLB’s most prominent franchise in danger of suffering a rare losing season.

September: Signs of Hope (17-10)

A surprising resurgence from the kiddos saw the Yankees string together a 17-10 record in the month of September. Although postseason play proved too tall a task for New York to earn, the Yankees managed to somehow finish above .500 and avoid a monumental disaster in the record books.


Despite putting together one of the worst seasons in the Bronx this century, the 2023 Yankees were able to finish strong. New York looked poised for disaster after an August series with the Braves in Atlanta, but somehow got going to save face at the end of the year.

With the strong finish to 2023 and the overall aura of being the Yankees, I expect 2024 to sing a completely different tune.

Despite a middling 82-80 record in the 2023 season, the New York Yankees exhibited resilience and determination, setting the stage for a promising resurgence in the upcoming year. Armed with a potent roster and a renewed sense of purpose, the Yankees are poised to shed the disappointments of the past and emerge as formidable contenders. The 2023 season served as a crucible, fostering growth, and illuminating areas for improvement. With key players expected to return to full strength and promising prospects entering the fold, the Yankees project an upward trajectory. As the team gears up for the 2024 campaign, they carry the label of a potential postseason dark horse, ready to surprise skeptics and reignite the fervor of their passionate fan base with a resurgence that could elevate them back to their historical prominence in the competitive landscape of Major League Baseball.

2024 Outlook

Nothing in the Yankees organization tells me the pinstripes will get over the American League hump that has plagued them since 2009, but I still expect a much better performance than last season.

I see the Bronx Bombers contending with Baltimore for the divisional crown in a thrilling AL East race, but ultimately finishing behind the Orioles on the final week of the regular season.

However, I do have the Yankees making the postseason and winning a playoff series in the AL Wild Card Round, with the potential to get to another ALCS depending on matchups.

History shows that a healthy Yankees team will never be out of the picture for long, although likely to flail out before reaching the Fall Classic.

Prediction: New York Yankees (92-70), wild card berth

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