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AL East Review and Preview: The Toronto Blue Jays

Vlad Guerrero, Jr. celebrates reaching base during a home game for the Toronto Blue Jays.

The Blue Jays had a somewhat underwhelming season, and it will be tough for them to compete once again in the AL East.

In the 2023 MLB season, the Toronto Blue Jays concluded with a commendable 89-73 record, showcasing moments of brilliance tempered by missed opportunities. Despite their notable achievements, the Blue Jays fell short in the postseason, unable to advance beyond expectations.

The season unfolded with gripping victories and noteworthy performances, yet the team’s postseason shortcomings added a bittersweet note to their overall campaign. As the Blue Jays and their supporters reflect on the season’s highs and lows, the pursuit of excellence remains a driving force for future endeavors in the ever-competitive world of Major League Baseball.

In this in-depth review and preview piece, we will look back on the highs and lows of the 2023 Blue Jays season, while projecting the path forward for 2024 and beyond.

Month By Month

Spring Training and March

The Blue Jays went 17-15 over the course of Spring Training, as power bats began to take shape for the regular season. Toronto went 1-0 in the month of March, earning a thrilling 10-9 win on Opening Day over the St. Louis Cardinals.


The Blue Jays got off to a solid start to 2023 in the month of April, compiling a 17-10 record over the course of 27 games. Despite trailing Tampa Bay’s scorching-hot 22-6 mark, the Blue Jays managed to position themselves for another run at the postseason.


Toronto took a tumble in the month of May, compiling just an 11-17 overall record. The lethargic May performance saw Tampa Bay and the Baltimore Orioles distance themselves from the Jays, leaving Toronto far behind in the chase for the AL East.


The Blue Jays returned to form in June, earning a 16-11 overall record to get back in the postseason mix. Toronto headed towards the midst of the 2023 season with playoff aspirations still well within reach.

Down the Stretch


Toronto clung to a 14-10 record in the month of July to finish slightly above .500. The Blue Jays struggled a bit out of the gate after the All-Star break but regained a sense of confidence heading into the dog days of August.


The Blue Jays showcased the best and worst versions of themselves in the month of August, compiling a 14-13 record along the way. This Blue Jays team always seemed to have the potential for greatness, but lacked consistency in stringing together wins. August foreshadowed an early October exit, which saw the Jays falter before accomplishing, well, anything.


Toronto finished the season strong with a 16-11 record in the month of September, but the regular-season performance of Baltimore and Tampa Bay overshadowed it in a highly competitive divisional race. The Blue Jays never really challenged either contender but maintained the potential to make noise when it mattered most.


The Blue Jays entered the 2023 postseason as the biggest ‘what if’ team of them all. Would the talented offensive lineup catch fire to propel Toronto to a ring, or was an early exit imminent?

The Minnesota Twins quickly answered that very question, disposing of the Blue Jays in just two short games. Manager John Schneider’s pitching decisions did not help matters.

Despite a lineup full of big bats like 1B Vlad Guerrero, Jr. and SS Bo Bichette, Toronto never even scratched the surface of its potential. The Blue Jays have yet to live up to the lofty preseason expectations placed on the past few seasons, leaving the question of if not now, then when?


The 2023 regular season concluded for the Toronto Blue Jays, showcasing glimpses of excellence but ultimately falling short of anticipated success. Inconsistencies marred their performance, casting doubt on their credibility as serious contenders. The postseason proved to be a missed opportunity, underscoring the necessity for improved reliability to command respect in October. A thorough examination of the season underscores the team’s imperative to sharpen their skills and establish a more consistent performance trajectory. Both team management and fans acknowledge that merely clinching a postseason spot is insufficient. The Jays must demonstrate unwavering resilience and consistency to be considered a force in October. Looking forward, the team faces the challenge of refining their strategies, ensuring that their undeniable talent translates into sustained excellence for the seasons to come.

Toronto must find an answer this offseason to pair its potent offense with consistent pitching and defense. For as many free-agent signings as the Blue Jays make on offense, they never seem to figure it out for an October run.

Entering the 2024 season, the Jays harbor aspirations of contention, fueled by a roster with promise and potential. However, as the season unfolds, unforeseen challenges may prompt a strategic shift. Despite the initial intent to compete, internal evaluations and external circumstances may lead Toronto to become sellers at the trade deadline. The team, recognizing the importance of long-term success, might part ways with assets to bolster their farm system or position themselves for a more impactful rebuild in the following seasons. The juxtaposition of early-season aspirations and mid-season adjustments underscores the dynamic nature of baseball’s competitive landscape.

Prediction: Toronto Blue Jays (81-81) miss playoffs

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