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Bears @ Patriots: Keys To Victory

The Chicago Bears now sit at 2-4 after dropping a disappointing Thursday night football game to the Commanders. They sit 31st in points per game (PPG), and 27th in total yards per game (YPG). Meanwhile, their defense ranks 11th in points allowed per game. It has been a one-sided squad through six weeks. On the other hand, the Patriots have found lightning in a bottle with their rookie backup quarterback, Bailey Zappe. He lead them to dominant wins in back-to-back games. This will be a good test for the Bears coming off a mini bye week.


There is no doubt about it that the Bears offense goes as the run game goes, but they have to start helping Justin Fields out. He has played better the past couple of weeks, despite the fact that the Bears are trying to use him like a pocket passer and not running the offense to get the most out of his abilities.

They will run the ball early and often, but Fields can only play so well. With an average-at-best offensive line, and a well-below-average receiving core, the offense will lean into the rushing attack as usual. It’s how they set up the passing attack that will determine how well Fields and the offense plays.

Bears No. 1 WR

The offense has plenty of problems, but one that was unexpected was Darnell Mooney‘s production, or lack there of. He has gone from 62.1 receiving YPG in 2021 to 40.2 this season. He has to pick up his play and be that number one receiver for Fields if the passing attack is going to improve.

Turnover Battle

The Patriots have the 3rd most takeaways this season with 12, while the Bears have the 5th most giveaways with 10. They cannot turn the ball over multiple times and expect to win. Instead of hoping their defense will bail them out, they need to stop giving away the ball for free. Make the opponent earn their points and let this defense get stops. That is the biggest key to victory for the Chicago Bears.


All in all, the Bears cannot keep setting up Justin Fields for failure. That goes deeper than just this season. You need to run the offense to exert his abilities and he will make defenses pay. Secondly, Mooney has to be the receiver he was a year ago. He was very reliable and the number one on the team. If he can start producing, that would give Justin Fields a much easier time. Finally, the turnover battle will always be a determining factor in football. This is something the Bears have not been able to consistently win at, so they need to figure out a way to protect the ball. Then, if they can force a couple turnovers, it will be hard for anyone to beat them.

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