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Big Blue Report-Camp Quotes: Pat Shurmer 8/11

Pat Shurmer Conference Notes:

Feelings on the Mets and New York Teams: “The Mets? It’s awesome. 14 out of 15, right? Heck of a run. I’m happy for Mickey (Callaway) and the team. I like to see all of the New York teams playing well. Anyways, I’ll try to answer your questions. “

Dandre Baker Health Update: “Yeah, just in his individual warmup type stuff, something with his knee. We’re just checking it out (with) an MRI. I have no information on that right now. (It happened) just kind of in the warmup drills. He just felt something so he’s getting that checked out.”

On Corey Ballentine: I’ve said it all along he’s a very competitive, tough guy, and because that’s his nature, when we’re playing the uncontrolled game of football, he shows up. That’s why he’s out there. He’s done a good job to this point. We’re hopeful that he’ll stay on the same track and keep getting better.

On Eli Manning’s Play: I thought he did a great job. I think he’s practiced well throughout (training camp). Now, after I’ve watched him (during) this three-week stretch, I think he’s throwing the ball better than he did last summer. He’s got a real good grasp of what we want to do offensively. He had another good day out there.

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