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Bills Position Group Preview: Quarterbacks

Image: Rich Barnes/USA TODAY Sports

Quarterback is the position that makes a team operate smoothly. If you’re lacking there as a team chances are the season isn’t going to go great. The Bills as a franchise have been in quarterback purgatory since Jim Kelly’s career came to an end. Enter Josh Allen, he has emerged as the Quarterback that the Bills have been dreaming of.

QB One

The undisputed starting quarterback for the Bills is Josh Allen. He came into the league as a big guy marked with tons of potential for his arm and size. Year one for Allen was met with a lot of struggles. He posted 5-6 record while throwing for 2,074 yards with 10 touchdowns and 12 interceptions. These really weren’t shining numbers for the former 7th overall pick. Allen looked ahead and put his rookie season behind him. His second year in the league he put up respectable numbers but his third year is really where he took that big leap as a star quarterback. Ever since that season he has thrown for over 35 touchdown passes each year. He has also led the Bills to the playoffs in each of these seasons. Allen has also finished near the top of the league in quarterback statistics. The one thing that has consistently hurt Allen has been turning the football over. One of his best traits is the ability to make big plays happen. But sometimes in making one of these plays he tries to do too much and ends up turning the ball over. But if he can control this aspect of his game look for the Bills to get over the hump and hoist a Lombardi Trophy.

The Rest of the Quarterbacks

Once you get past Allen you can tell that the quarterback room takes a dip. You go from a Superstar in Josh Allen to Kyle Allen and Matt Barkley. Don’t get me wrong those two guys are better at tossing the football around than you and I, but they aren’t superstar caliber players. Let’s take a look at Kyle Allen first. Through his first five years in the NFL he has a positive TD/INT ratio.  He has been mostly a career backup but he has had to step in and start a few games. His record as a starter is 6-12. Don’t let the record fool you though, he is capable of playing quarterback at a high level and would be a serviceable backup incase something happened to Josh. Now onto the golden boy Matt Barkley. Coming out of USC many people thought he was destined for greatness. He started all four years for the Trojans and even worked his way into Heisman consideration. But all the success that he saw at the college level has not followed him into the NFL. Over his ten year career he has only started in seven games. He has also only won one of those games. His career TD/INT ratio is sitting at 11 to 22. These numbers are shocking when you look at the career this quarterback had in college. barely was never able to. adjust and has found himself as a career backup. One would think a career change into coaching may be on the horizon for this signal caller.

Looking Ahead

This season for the Bills will depend on how well Josh Allen can play. If he is able to make the most out of the Talent surrounding him look for Buffalo to make that deep run finally. But if he continues to make boneheaded and costly mistakes the Bills front office may have to come up with a solution to get it fixed from Allen. My prediction for Allen is that he is going to fix those mistakes this year. He will be cool and collected while also having the ability to extend plays. Look for a 38 passing touchdown season with 8 interceptions. Allen will also throw for 4,650 yards. This will be good enough for another division title.

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