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Browns’ Most Intriguing Match-ups

Image: Eric Christian Smith/AP Photo

The countdown to the football season is on, and now let’s detail the Cleveland Browns’ five most intriguing match-ups in the 2023-24 season. May 11th gave Cleveland fans the official details of the 2023-24 campaign for what games to look ahead to this coming season. The Browns put together a wrestling-theme video to reveal their opponents on the season. The full details of the schedule can be found through the Browns’ website. To open the season, Cleveland plays their AFC North opponents three times times in the first four weeks.

If you want to know about more schedule releases, check out BSP’s Rokaya Mikhailenko and her take on the Dolphins here.

But now, here are the five most intriguing match-ups on the Cleveland Browns schedule for this season.

Cleveland Browns’ Most Intriguing Match-ups in 2023-24

No. 5: Week 9, Sunday, Nov. 5 vs Arizona Cardinals

This match-up has showdown of top-level quarterbacks all over it. Kyler Murray vs Deshaun Watson. Both Murray and Watson are dynamic two-way quarterbacks (rushing and passing). Only question will be which direction each team is going ahead of this match-up. A November 1 o’clock game could be a tone setter for the second half of the season. Arizona also looks to be an entertaining team to watch in 2022-23.

No. 4: Week 2, Monday night, Sept. 18 @ Pittsburgh Steelers

An early regular season prime time test should prove to be an exciting match-up. Plus, a divisional contest always gives  a chance to show some fireworks. The last time Cleveland and Pittsburgh met in prime time, the Browns won last season on a Thursday night 29-17. An old rivalry will be renewed once again.

No. 3: Week 6, Sunday, Oct. 15 vs San Francisco 49ers

After seeing Brock Purdy showing his skills as Mr. Irrelevant, he looks poised for a big year two. For Cleveland, that could spell some trouble. But the 49ers have a highly dynamic offense. And that should certainly generate some intrigue.

No. 2: Week 17, Thursday, Dec. 28 vs New York Jets

To close out the home portion, the Browns draw Aaron Rodgers and the New York Jets on a Thursday night. The Jets now look to be a contending team this season. Plus, Elijah Moore gets a chance to play against his former team. This will certainly be an exciting late-season game.

No. 1: Week 12, Sunday, Nov. 26 @ Denver Broncos

Two of the top-paid QBs will square off in Deshaun Watson and Russell Wilson. Wilson and Watson are very dynamic in their own way. And the offenses are somewhat similar for both teams. This game has plenty of intrigue to look at.

Full Cleveland Schedule

Week 1 – Sunday, Sept. 10 (Home) vs Cincinnati Bengals [1 P.M., Cleveland, CBS]

Week 2 – Monday, Sept. 18 (Away) @ Pittsburgh Steelers [8:15 P.M., Pittsburgh, ABC]

Week 3 – Sunday, Sept. 24 (Home) vs Tennessee Titans [1 P.M., Cleveland, CBS]

Week 4 – Sunday, Oct. 1 (Home) vs Baltimore Ravens [1 P.M., Cleveland, CBS]

Week 5 – BYE

Week 6 – Sunday, Oct. 15 (Home) vs San Francisco 49ers [1 P.M., Cleveland, FOX]

Week 7 – Sunday, Oct. 22 (Away) @ Indianapolis Colts [1 P.M., Indianapolis, CBS]

Week 8 – Sunday, Oct. 29 (Away) @ Seattle Seahawks [4:05 P.M., Seattle, FOX]

Week 9 – Sunday, Nov. 5 (Home) vs Arizona Cardinals [1 P.M., Cleveland, CBS]

Week 10 – Sunday, Nov. 12 (Away) @ Baltimore Ravens [1 P.M., Baltimore, FOX]

Week 11 – Sunday, Nov. 19 (Home) vs Pittsburgh Steelers [1 P.M., Cleveland, CBS]

Week 12 – Sunday, Nov. 26 (Away) @ Denver Broncos [4:05 P.M., Denver, FOX]

Week 13 – Sunday, Dec. 3 (Away) @ Los Angeles Rams [4:25 P.M., Inglewood, California, FOX]

Week 14 – Sunday, Dec. 10 (Home) vs Jacksonville Jaguars [1 P.M., Cleveland, CBS]

Week 15 – TBD (Home) vs Chicago Bears [TBD, Cleveland, TBD]

Week 16 – Sunday, Dec. 24 (Christmas Eve Away) @ Houston Texans [1 P.M., Houston, CBS]

Week 17 – Thursday, Dec. 28 (Home) vs New York Jets [8:15 P.M., Cleveland, Amazon Prime Video (May also be on WJW, the Cleveland FOX affiliate)]

Week 18 – TBD in 2024 (Away) @ Cincinnati Bengals [TBD, Cincinnati, TBD]

And those are the Cleveland Browns’ most intriguing match-ups to watch in the 2023-24 season. Cleveland is now with an all-in mentality. Will they be able to capitalize? Only time will tell.

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