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Boston Celtics Revenge Tour Complete: Onto Golden State

BOSTON – January 31, 2022 when the Boston Celtics were 27-21, people were calling for this team to break up the duo of Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown, along with the firing of rookie head coach, Ime Udoka, due to the team’s early season struggles. Then the “The energy is about to shift” tweet came from Brown, and everything changed for the Celtics. The energy really did shift. The Celtics finished the season as the 2nd seed in the Eastern Conference with a 51-31 record, and now they wear the crown of Eastern Conference champions.

Watching veteran Al Horford hoist the newly named Bob Cousy trophy and Tatum holding up the new Larry Bird Eastern Conference MVP trophy truly symbolized what this team has accomplished and everything they’ve been through this year, and that includes the hardest path to the NBA Finals throughout the playoffs. 

The Celtics had to slay more than their share of green dragons on their revenge tour to the NBA Finals. First they had to take down the would-be super team of Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and the Brooklyn Nets. Next in line were the defending NBA champions, Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Milwaukee Bucks. Finally, Jimmy Butler and the Miami Heat, the team with the best record in the Eastern Conference, came calling and the Celtics answered that call.

Next up will be the greatest challenge this team has faced in the modern era, and with that the Celtics have no time to rest their clovers. Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and the Golden State Warriors have been on a mission to get back to where they always were before injuries derailed them for better than two seasons. 

There is no denying that what the Celtics have accomplished this season has been incredible and nothing short of successful, but the work for this team isn’t finished yet. However, this Celtics team who love and trust each other above all else aren’t a team to be taken lightly. Their resiliency and ability to respond to adversity has proven time and time again that the Celtics can beat any team in the league.  

 It is going to take a monumental effort by the Celtics to win the NBA championship, and there couldn’t be a greater barrier between the Celtics and banner number 18 than the Warriors. The Finals match up against the Celtics and Warriors has the makings to be one of the best and most exciting in recent history.

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