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Chargers Schedule Release Reaction and Early Record Prediction

Image: @Chargers on Twitter

Schedule Release Reaction

For the second year in a row, the Los Angeles Chargers paid homage to anime in their schedule-release video. If you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend you go check it out. (click here) It is really entertaining and fun to catch the references throughout. One year after releasing a similar video that hit 6 million views, it will be interesting to see if this years video can exceed that.

The video starts off with a painful reminder for Chargers fans. It shows a slip of paper from last year’s wild-card game against the Jacksonville Jaguars, with the Chargers up 27-0. It is smashed into the ground by a semi-robotic Justin Herbert, taking on this year’s opponents as they fly toward him. However, it is quickly forgotten with humorous scenes that make you quickly forget. Scenes that include Mike McDaniel vaping and Kansas City Chiefs super fan ‘ChiefsAholic’ being chased by a helicopter being flown by Pat McAfee. Out of them all, the best has to be the New York Jets scene with Aaron Rodgers looking at Time Square. In this scene, a billboard is shown that pokes fun at the off-field antics of Zach Wilson.

Overall, this year’s video tops the previous one. The video hints at the failure of last year but quickly turns to excitement for this year. As Chargers fans, we are left with hope and excitement for a year that finally brings them to the promised land. The schedule does mark a glaring issue. The Chargers will face one of the toughest schedules next year. Pro Football Focus (PFF) has the Chargers with the third-hardest schedule next year. It may be a harder test than last year, but I believe this Chargers team is up for the task.

Record Prediction

This schedule looks daunting. When predicting these outcomes I try and see it from a numbers perspective. On paper is one thing, but actually playing these games is a completely different story. Anything can happen. I am also taking into account that Austin Ekeler remains with the team, and no major injuries have occurred before the beginning of the regular season. Trying to be optimistic this year.

Week 1: Los Angeles Chargers vs. Miami Dolphins – W

Opening the season at home is a great start. The Dolphins added some depth at wide receiver with the addition of Chosen Anderson. The Chargers have further solidified their own wide receiver room and should be better at stopping the run and getting pressure on the quarterback. It should be a very good game to watch.

Week 2: Los Angeles Chargers @ Tennessee Titans – W

With improvement in their run defense, the impact that Derrick Henry has on the game should be slowed. I also assume that Will Levis will have taken over as quarterback. The Titans lack depth at the wide receiver position. With that inadequate depth, teams utilize gameplans that lean heavily on a running back. The Chargers improved their front seven and secondary. With these improvements, the Chargers should be able to handle the Titans and mitigate the impact of Henry.

Week 3: Los Angeles Chargers @ Minnesota Vikings L

This was a tough one to call. Despite the Vikings trading Za’Darius Smith, I still think Dalvin Cook and Justin Jefferson are too much to handle. This game will be a shoot-out. I believe the Chargers can match, but given a slow start it will be too little too late.

Week 4: Los Angeles Chargers vs. Las Vegas Raiders – W

This is the first game against the new look New England Raiders. Oh sorry, I mean Las Vegas Raiders. The Raiders added depth to the wide receiver position but failed to do the same on defense. They did add some rookies. However, I do not believe that it will be enough to stop this well-rounded Chargers team. With Garoppolo at the helm, the Raiders will be better on offense, but with this stacked Chargers defense, I do not think it will be able to muster much production.

Week 5: BYE WEEK

A bye week this early could prove detrimental to a young team like the Chargers. With a grueling and demanding schedule ahead of them, this needs to be used to rest up and prepare. The journey to the playoffs will be long after this early break.

Week 6: Los Angeles Chargers vs. Dallas Cowboys – L

For the first game after the early bye week, this is a difficult draw. It is also the first primetime game of six the year. The Cowboys function well early on, and despite having two weeks to prepare I do not believe that the Chargers will be able to hold them. This should be a close game and be used as momentum for their next game against the defending Super Bowl Champions.

Week 7: Los Angeles Chargers @ Kansas City Chiefs – L

This is in Arrowhead one of the most hostile environments to play. The Chargers faired well last year, but costly mistakes late resulted in a loss. Despite revamping and improving, I do not think it is enough. However, if they are able to contain Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce they might stand a chance. I believe the Chargers stay close, but Mahomes lifts the Chiefs late.

Week 8: Los Angeles Chargers vs. Chicago Bears – W

Being their second primetime game and after coming off two devastatingly close losses, the Chargers will be out for a much-needed win. The Bears made some additions on both sides of the ball. After having the worst defense in 2022 these additions will not be enough. The Bears still need time to grow, and the Chargers will be eager to bounce back after two losses.

Week 9: Los Angeles Chargers @ New York Jets – W

I do not believe the Rodgers experiment will pan out in New York. The Chargers’ well-rounded defense will stifle a struggling Rodgers while their offense continues to build momentum and cohesion. Despite having the number one defense from a year prior, their offense improves but isn’t enough to career them past the Chargers.

Week 10: Los Angeles Chargers vs. Detroit Lions – W

The Chargers continue to build momentum. Facing the Lions who ended the 2022 season on a hot streak should be a slight challenge but not a major one. Their offense continues to struggle despite their defense holding strong. The Chargers wear them down and play spoil to another streak.

Week 11: Los Angeles Chargers @ Green Bay Packers – W

I believe the Chargers continue to build on their hot streak. Against a Rodgerless Packers team, the Chargers make easy work and find a way to humiliate Green Bay and show why they are a top team in the AFC West. Hebert also pushes for his first MVP trophy and shows why he is one of the top QBs in the league.

Week 12: Los Angeles Chargers vs. Baltimore Ravens – W

This will be a great dual between Lamar Jackson and Justin Herbert. The Ravens’ defense will hold fast early, just like the Chargers’ defense. However, the Chargers’ more well-rounded offense will prevail. I also believe that this matchup could be one of the games of the year. Two of the highest-paid quarterbacks dueling it out on a Sunday night.

Week 13: Los Angeles Chargers @ New England Patriots – L

Going up against one of the best strategists in NFL history is a tall task to handle especially when they have been outscored 72-24 in their last two matchups. Though the Chargers improved all-around, they still cannot seem to solve the Belichick defense. With the addition of Bill O’Brien, the Patriots’ offense finds the same success they did back in 2011. The two great minds of New England are too much for the Chargers.

Week 14: Los Angeles Chargers vs. Denver BroncosW

As was the same early on with the Jets game, a similar situation is occurring in Denver. The Wilson experiment is coming to a bitter end. The hope that he would help elevate the Broncos back to their former glory was to no avail. The Chargers bounce back and build momentum into a matchup against their bitter rival, the Raiders.

Week 15: Los Angeles Chargers @ Las Vegas Raiders – W

Once again these two bitter rivals meet, this time in Vegas. The stomping ground for one of the most heartbreaking losses in recent Chargers memories is avenged. With Justin Herbert, leading MVP candidate, at the helm, the Chargers go in and show they are to be seriously taken and one of the top teams in the AFC.

Week 16: Los Angeles Chargers vs. Buffalo Bills – L

After building momentum once again, it comes to a screeching halt. Being at home is an advantage. However, I don’t believe it is enough. The Bills have already shown they are one of the top two teams in the AFC for the last number of years. The Chargers lose a close battle but learn from it which will help them when they inevitably meet again in the playoffs.

Week 17: Los Angeles Chargers @ Denver Broncos – W

Going on the road after a tough home loss is no easy task. It is easier however against a team like the Broncos. Though their defense will possibly be as good as last year, their offense will continue to struggle. The Chargers will take advantage of this and find ways to sharpen every aspect of their game to be prepared for the playoffs and the season finale against the Chiefs.

Week 18: Los Angeles Chargers vs. Kansas City Chiefs – W

This is another possible game-of-the-year candidate. These two teams will be battling for a top seed in the AFC, if not the number one seed. After having time to sharpen their offense and figure out what works well, they will finally be able to solve Patrick Mahomes’ puzzle. It will be a close game. Justin Herbert will outperform Mahomes, secure his first MVP trophy, and get his team ready for a Super Bowl run.

Overall: 12-5

Though it was one of the strongest schedules the Chargers have faced I believe they do improve from last year. Herbert is able to take a major leap forward with the help of Quentin Johnson. The Chargers defense also lives up to the high expectations. The record might not be able to secure a number one seed from the Bills or Chiefs, but it will be enough to secure a playoff birth and avoid a repeat of last years Wild Card game against the Jaguars. With Kellen Moore as the shot caller, I picture great growth from the offense and Justin Herbert.


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