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Chargers WR Options In-House and Out-of-House

The Chargers are chargering yet again. After an abysmal beginning to the season, they managed to etch out a big time versus Minnesota in Week 3. However, this victory came at a cost. On that Sunday, Mike Williams went down with injury and didn’t return to the game. Earlier this week, it was confirmed that Williams had torn his ACL and would miss the remainder of the season. Injuries are an inconvenience no matter when they happen. But are the Charger’s properly equipped to overcome this obstacle? 


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In-House Options: Quentin Johnston and Keelan Doss

With Mike Williams being out for the season, heads automatically turn to rookie wideout Quentin Johnston, and rightfully so. There isn’t a WR on the Chargers roster, or practice squad, whose physical profile matches that of Williams besides Johnston. The Bolts were hoping to bring him along slowly, but it wouldn’t be an NFL season for the Chargers if the unexpected didn’t happen. This summer, Johnston had a solid training camp. He needs to clean up the drops, but we’re reminded every day at practice why he was a first round pick. He’s an imposing figure with his size and is awesome after the catch. He may not have done much the first few weeks, but with Herbert at QB, Allen performing how he’s been, and a stable rushing attack, Johnston is set up for success. 

Another wide receiver who had a solid preseason was Keelan Doss. Doss has bounced around the league since coming into the NFL in 2019 but was kept on the practice squad thanks to his good play and special teams abilities. He isn’t as big a body as Johnston but is still of good stature at 6’3” 215 lbs. The good thing about Doss is he offers the Bolts versatility on the field and with managing roster spaces. Being on the practice squad, Telesco can bring Doss up three times until he has to sign him to the active roster. With Guyton slated to come back after Week 4, it gives the Chargers time to assess how healthy Guyton actually is. 


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Out-of-House Options: John Hightower, Kenny Golladay, or Jarvis Landry

John Hightower turned heads this summer. Fighting for a spot, he routinely made plays. Ultimately, the Chargers decided to cut Hightower to make room for others. Still a free agent, the Chargers could look to bring him on the practice squad should Doss be elevated and Guyton moved to the IR. He wouldn’t make an immediate impact, but could be a good depth option who’s already familiar with the offense. 

At 6’4” 214 lbs., Golladay has a body type that resembles Mike Williams. He’s a veteran who’s seen his fair share of NFL games and has been in a number of systems. He may not be the same receiver who signed a 4 year $40mil guaranteed contract with the Giants a few years ago, but his profile and experience could be extremely valuable for a team looking to replace their WR2. 

Jarvis Landry is of those guys who is always a threat on the field but doesn’t seem to be wanted. Still a free agent, there were days years ago when Landry was a WR1. Although he’s not the same player, there’s still much he could offer the Bolts. If the team opts for Johnston to take over William’s role, Johnston could still be slowly brought along by signing Landry. While Johnston is working the field on screens, intermediate, and deep routes, you could have Landry working underneath. Most teams will already be occupied with Allen, and will be attracted to Johnston due to his size and athleticism. This could result in Landry being lost by defenses and a possible mini-resurgence of his career. Additionally, Landry could be a good mentor to Joshua Palmer, who’s someone the Chargers should look into either extending or bringing back in a few years.


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