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Devon Allen NFL Translation

Image: Ashley Landis/AP Photo

NFL Training Camp is almost upon us, and one particular player to watch for the Philadelphia Eagles is Devon Allen.

The first thing that immediately jumps off the page for Allen is his speed. The former Oregon Duck recently competed in the USA Track and Field New York City Grand Prix 110-meter hurdles race. His time of 13.04 seconds was second-fastest overall behind fellow American Daniel Roberts. But how will his speed translate to a career in the NFL?

BSP writer Jared Montalto details Allen’s pursuit of an NFL career here. At the end of last season, Allen agreed to a future/reserve contract with Philly. Now, after having a career being cut short in college due to injury, thanks to his track abilities, Allen has rediscovered his love for football.

But the big thing to wonder is how will Devon Allen and his athletic ability and speed translate to the NFL?

Devon Allen: Skills, Speed, and NFL Translation

His 6-foot, 187-pound frame immediately makes him a speed threat. His skill set is similar to that of a Tavon Austin. He is a dynamic guy who can take the top off of an offense. Not only that, but his speed allows him to blaze by defenders. Noticeably, in a preseason game last year, he busted the secondary and scored a 55-year receiving touchdown.

One thing to watch as we draw closer to training camp is how Allen can balance being a multi-sport athlete. As he told the NBC broadcast after his most recent race, “It’s going well. Balancing both is difficult, but I’m having a lot of fun as long as I can stay healthy. Get to compete against these guys in high-quality competition. 13.01 and 13.04 is nothing to scoff at. So, we’re ready to go.”

Schedule Conflicts and Competition Benefits?

If he wants to battle for a roster spot, he may have to give up participation in track. The big event, the World Athletics Championships will be happening from August 18-27, right in the middle of preseason play. If that is the case, Allen’s decision could play a big role toward whether he makes the roster.

“Yeah, I still don’t have a plan of what I’m going to do with Worlds being, you know, during training camp,” he told KPIC 4 of Roseburg, Oregon. “Obviously, it’d be nice to compete at Worlds and also it would be nice to be at training camp so I can make the 53-man roster. So, obviously, it’s gonna be a little bit of a decision, but I’m not going to worry about that, like I said, until I make the world championship team. USA is a competitive meet. Just got to focus on doing that first.”

Final Thoughts on Devon Allen

When he is on the field, Allen is an electric wide receiver who can be explosive with lots of big play ability. The only question is his commitment. If he stays locked in to football, he could be bound for an exciting career.

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