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F1 Elitism is Killing the Sport

The “Pinnacle of Motorsport” is becoming an elitist cluster. For decades Formula 1 has been notorious for their pompous gatekeeping, and it is only getting worse. On January 31st the upcoming Andretti-Cadillac team was denied entry for the 2025 season by Formula One Management.

Who is Andretti-Cadillac?

Andretti-Cadillac is a proposed team led by F1 World Champion and Indianapolis 500 winner Mario Andretti, and IndyCar Champion Michael Andretti. The team was intended to be the F1 flagship for General Motors as they venture into Formula One as an engine supplier for Andretti. Additionally, it would bring a fresh competitive spirit by an American team that the sport had been lacking for decades.

Furthermore, Andretti would give American fans a potentially competitive team to cheer for as well build American interest in Formula One. In addition to being a truly American-based, Michael Andretti has promised to add an American driver to their lineup, only adding to the excitement.

Why was Andretti Denied Entry?

The official statement from Formula One Management stated that “Andretti would not provide value to the grid” and “We do not believe that the applicant would be a competitive participant”. Furthermore, they would add that an 11th team would provide logistical and financial strain on other competitors and race promoters.


Stefano Domenicali – Current CEO of the Formula One Group

It should be noted that the FIA approved their entry into the series in October.

However, many drivers and race fans disagree…

“F1 is an elitist sport. They don’t want us [Americans]. Remember that. They want US companies money, they want wealthy US individuals money. But they don’t care about the rest” IndyCar driver Grahm Rahal tweeted

“It’s a sad day for F1 that a team with such heritage and motorsport at its core is rejected” F1 pundit Matt Gallagher also tweeted.

My Take

I will refrain from using certain four-letter words in this section as this is a family website, but I am absolutely disgusted. The denial of the proposed Andretti F1 team on the basis of “Not providing value to the grid” is a direct insult to one of the most legendary families in motorsports. Additionally, it is also a direct insult to American motorsport as a whole. Both Andretti and General Motors have a rich history of success in nearly every single discipline of motorsport, and to deny them entry is utterly asinine.

Moreover, the FOM justification of Andretti “not believing that the applicant would be a competitive participant” is a duncical explanation. Furthermore, Andretti obviously has the financial backing to support an F1 team as they have supported teams in different forms of motorsport with success.

Andretti has won multiple championships and crown jewel races in different series including, the 1978 F1 World Championship, Six Indianapolis 500 wins a driver and owner, 9 IndyCar titles, and as well as the defending Formula E champion among many other accolades.

This was a dark day for Formula One, and motorsport in general. I hope that this changes soon.

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