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Fighter Spotlight: Ramiro Jimenez

Ramiro “El Cachanilla” Jimenez is a promising young talent in MMA that fight fans should keep an eye on. Hailing from Mexico, he has been making a name for himself and seems destined for even more extraordinary achievements in 2024. With his impressive skills and growing reputation, Ramiro is a rising star who is definitely worth watching.

Ramiro Jimenez wins 100K tournament- Image, elimparcial

Who is Ramiro Jimenez?

Currently training at The Goat Shed in Miami, Florida, the 24-year-old phenom continues climbing the worldwide featherweight rankings. Per Taplogy, “El Cachanilla” is ranked 1st in Florida’s pro featherweights and 3rd in USA’s pro active featherweights. When it comes to Ramiro, he likes to go for finishes quickly. With eight wins in the first round, “El Cachanilla” has the power in his hands, feet, and tools to end the fight by submission. On Ramiro’s Instagram, you can see when he has the fight on the mat, he instantly overpowers his opponents and looks for submissions.

Ramiro jimenez vs devante sewelldk

Ramiro Jimenez- Image CombateGlobal

How He Won 100K

The 24-year-old Featherweight is 6-0 in Combate Global, with five wins by finish. And last month, he achieved something not many fighters have ever done. Combate Global put together a one-day tournament in which eight fighters kept on fighting for a prize of 100K. After winning a decision over Pablo Burgos in the first round of the tournament, Ramiro knew he couldn’t go to a decision again based on the damage he had taken. He then cruised in the second round by getting a quick head-kick knockout over Mauricio Eguiluz in the first round. With 100K on the line and one eye swollen shut, Ramiro got another first-round submission over Tommy Garcia via Kimura to win the tournament. After an incredible run, Jimenez said, “This is just the beginning of something great! Thanks to all the people who believed in me, 2024 I look forward to you and see what you bring to me!”

Ramiro jimenez vs nico barnadk

Jimenez knockout win over Nico Barna- Image CombateGlobal

What’s Next?

Ramiro’s recent accomplishment of winning 100K has put him more in the spotlight. He is expected to maintain his dominance in Combate Global while climbing worldwide rankings. He continues to improve his skills at The Goat Shed in Miami and shows no signs of slowing down. Whether he can jump to other promotions or the UFC remains to be seen. But the hype around Ramiro is steadily increasing.

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