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Giants Notebook: Daboll Media Notes and More

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As the New York Giants prepare for their home game against the Washington Commanders, Big Blue looks to but Sunday Night’s tough defeat behind them and take a look at the positives in defeat. Below are some quotes from Head Coach Brian Daboll during Monday’s Media session:

On The Defense: “I think (inside linebacker Bobby Okereke) Bobby O has done a great job of getting the ball and getting hands on the ball. A bunch of those turnovers are a result of his play along with the rush that goes along with it but seeing the quarterback, getting hands on the ball. You know, obviously, we had some big plays last week, we limited those this week. Improving the fundamentals, they’ve done a good job, they’ve improved so we’re going to need to continue to do that.”

On The Play of Tyrod Taylor: “I think Tyrod did a good job. Threw the ball on time, made some good throws down the sideline to (wide receiver Darius) Slayton, got the ball out of his hands even when there was some pressure so did a good job of leading his team. Obviously, the team thing of 0-for-5 in the redzone, that’s a team thing, so something we’ve go to work on but continue to do that, but I thought Tyrod acquitted himself well.”

The Struggles Of the Offensive line:  “Yeah, on the left side. We talked about it, talked about it with (guard Justin) Pugh Saturday morning, just ‘hey, you might need to do this, you might need to do this.’ He’s a true pro. I’d say it all works together. I think the quarterback did a good job of getting the ball out, receivers found space, the timing was good, and those guys competed. I give them a lot of credit, they competed. We did a lot of shuffling, (offensive lineman Marcus) McKethan back in, (guard Mark Glowinski) Glo over there. We actually practiced McKethan at tackle those days that (tackle) Evan (Neal) was down, so it was a lot of shuffling, those guys were battling. I appreciate all their efforts.”

Offensive Line Continued: “They competed. They competed hard, but it’s all 11. So, even if there is leakage, if you get it out on time, guys are creating space in zones, which I think inside like (tight end Darren) Waller and (wide receiver) Wan’Dale (Robinson) did a good job of getting open right now and Tyrod did a good job of hitting his back foot and letting it out. So, it all works together, it always does, but those guys, again, I’ll say it, they competed. For a guy like Pugh, who’s been here a week and a half, to really have to play multiple positions and then move the guards, the center, but that’s where we are at, so that’s what we try to do.”

On the Play of Justin Pugh: “I mean, he’s only been here a short time as you guys know, so again, he’s been up here in the mornings getting extra time with (offensive line coach) Bobby (Johnson) and again, based on where we were at last week, it was a conversation that we had going into the game about, you’re here, but you could be here, you could be here, you good with it? He’s a true pro.”

The Growth of  Robinson and Hyatt: “Yeah, they’re young. They’re young, so you’ve got to play them to develop them, too. I’d say that Hyatt made a heck of a catch in the fourth quarter on that in cut, held on to the ball, did a nice job on the scramble. Tyrod made a heck of a throw. Again, the more reps they have, the more experience they’ll get, the more developed they’ll get. Wan’Dale is obviously still working his way back. But two obviously young, young players in this league. In that position, you’ve got to play some to gain experience and to gain development.”

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