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How The Wizards Became One Of The Worst Teams In The NBA

Jordan Poole Washington Wizards
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This has been one of the worst seasons in the Washington Wizards franchise history. They went on a 16-game losing streak that started on January 31st and ended on March 8th, which tied the record for the longest losing streak in team history, first set back in the 2009-10 season. Currently, they sit in the 14th spot of the Eastern Conference with a record of 11-53. To put into perspective how bad they’ve been, the Detroit Pistons went on a 26-game losing streak earlier this season, and the Wizards are only one win ahead of them. To be fair, the teams the Wizards have lost to are teams that are in the playoff picture, but having one win over the Pistons is unacceptable. This article will go through what has gone wrong with the Wizards this season and if there is anything to fix the team.

Defensive Struggles

The Wizards don’t have any lockdown defenders or great defenders on the roster, and it shows. As of now, they have the worst team defensive rating in the NBA. They have given up more than 100 points to all of the teams they have faced this season and have given up at least 110 points during their current losing streak. They also have given up the most points by a team this season. It is hard to win games when the defense has been so bad, even in today’s game. If the Wizards want to be successful in the future, they need to get some players that can play tremendous defense or do a better job developing the players they draft to hold their own on the defensive side of the ball.

No Standout Players

The Wizards do have players who can score and create their own shots, but it does not seem like they have a franchise player who can carry the team. Now, maybe that player is on the roster like Deni Avdija or Bilal Coulibaly, but they need to be able to develop their skills to improve their game. The Wizards have a lot of good players who can help out some contending teams, such as Kyle Kuzma and Tyus Jones. They both are having their best statistical season this year as they are averaging career highs in points and field goal percentage. They should be looking to trade away these types of players to get back some compensation, such as draft picks or young players with potential. The Wizards need to look in the draft or free agency to get the player they are looking for.

What the Future Holds for the Wizards?

So the good news for the Wizards and their fans, including myself, is that the Wizards are projected to get a high draft pick during the summer. This draft pick is crucial as it can be the stepping stone for the rebuilding phase. With the bad job they have with drafting and developing players recently, the management will have to do their job studying which player from the draft can help the team succeed in the future.

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Aaron Mata is a contributor on Back Sports Page. He is currently in his fourth year of college, attending George Mason University with the goal of graduating this year with a degree in Sports Management.

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