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Jerimiah Spicer: Free Agent

Jerimiah Spicer has spent the last year of his life on a rollercoaster of potential roster spots. 

Last April, he got a call from the Los Angeles Chargers for a workout. He wasn’t able to land a roster spot, but earned a spot on their linebacker list.

In October, Spicer caught another break. The Los Angeles Wildcats selected him in the fifth round of the XFL draft, giving him another chance to compete, but he was released in camp over rumors that he was too physical in practice. Nonetheless, he looks back on his time with the Wildcats with nothing but appreciation for the opportunity.

“My experience with the Wildcats was great and I am forever grateful that they drafted me.” Said Spicer. “It was a dream come true for me. I came in and put my life on the line for this.”

Spicer tackles adversity with supernatural tenacity. He keeps driving, knowing that he has already battled through harder times than most people will ever have to experience.

Spicer grew up with his mom on Skid Rowe, Los Angeles, the homeless capital of the United States.

His mom battled drug addiction, leading Child Protective Services to move Spicer to his grandma’s care. He was later removed from his grandma’s house when CPS found the condition of the home to be unsuitable for a child.

This left Spicer to live in foster homes, homeless shelters, cars, and abandoned buildings. By the time he graduated, he had attended over eight different high schools, due to the constant relocation.

At eighteen, he was out of the foster system. His grandma and mom had both passed away, and he had nowhere to go.

But out of this pain has grown a stronger man and player, who has learned how to fight:

“I know how to beat adversity,” Confirmed Spicer. “I never give up, and that energy is contagious.”

Off the field, Spicer is a motivational speaker, and is working on a program to help kids who are stuck in the same system he grew up in. 

On the field, he’s an absolute ballhawk.

In his rookie year with the Cape Fear Heroes in the American Arena League, he racked up a league-leading 147 tackles and earned a spot on the All Star team. Being at the top of his position in the AAL was what first drew the eye of multiple NFL teams. 

Now just two weeks into the XFL season, the Tampa Bay Vipers and Los Angeles Wildcats are both staring at a possible 0-3 start, and could look to add Spicer as a flexible, plug-and-play linebacker. 

“I’m the guy they’re looking for.” Said Spicer, who is ready to step in when called upon. “I have experience as an inside and outside linebacker, defensive line, and special teams. I’m anything but one dimensional.”

Spicer has proven his ability to adapt to new schemes and positions, and in a brand new league like the XFL, this is an essential trait.

He is hungry for another chance, and he will not give up until that day comes. 

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