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Jets Struggle Mightily In Dallas

Jets Struggle Mightily In Dallas

This past Sunday, the New York Jets struggles led them to a 30-10 loss against the Dallas Cowboys. There was a lot wrong with that game for the Jets both offensively and defensively. Fortunately, there are a lot of games left and that only counts for one loss.

Zach Wilson May Not Be The Guy

Zach Wilson was not supposed to be the starting quarterback but a torn achilles for Aaron Rodgers just four plays into the season opener caused the plans to change. Wilson has not been good so far in his career as he has a negative touchdown-interception ratio. That continues this season as he threw three interceptions and one touchdown in the loss.

The Jets need to seriously look for a veteran quarterback to either backup or start over Wilson. The perfect backup would be to sign Carson Wentz. However, if the Jets want to be a little more aggressive, they should trade for Kirk Cousins. Cousins is on a contract year and he could either play well enough they would keep him over Rodgers since Rodgers would be 40 and coming off a torn achilles. Or, they just use Cousins as a rental and let Rodgers take over the following season.

Where Is The Run Game?

The Jets who were supposed to be a very run-oriented offense seemed to drop that game plan. Granted, some of that had to do with the Jets losing big so they had to abandon the run game. However, just four carries for Breece Hall is unacceptable especially considering he had 127 rushing yards in Week 1. It is one thing to ease his way back and limit his touches but when he had a solid Week 1, there is no reason to take a step backwards.

Also, Dalvin Cook was a marquee signing but maybe he is regressing. He had just four carries as well for a mere seven yards which is 1.8 yards per carry. Especially with Wilson’s struggles, it is even more crucial the Jets pound the rock and keep the ball out of his hands.

Jets Drama Getting Out of Hand?

With a young team, there is always the possibility of drama as every team deals with it in some capacity. The Jets even had fights during training camp as seen on Hard Knocks. However, after Week 2, Sauce Gardner deactivated his X account. Also, Hall tweeted or X’d four football emojis after getting just four carries.

This is not good to see as two star players are upset and this happening so early as only two games have been played. If this continues to get worse, the Jets are in store for what could be a long season.

Garrett Wilson Still Looks Good But Needs More

Garrett Wilson had a solid game with two catches for 83 yards and a touchdown. However, for a player who is arguably top-ten at his position, he needs more than just two catches.

Jets Defensive System Costing Them?

The Jets defensive system could hurt them. The Cowboys offense took advantage of Gardner strictly playing as the outside corner. This allowed the Cowboys to move CeeDee Lamb around having a field day with 11 catches for 143 yards. Other teams should watch film and do the same if the Jets continue to run that personnel and defensive system. Gardner should be covering the best receivers since he is one of the best cornerbacks in the league.

New Kicker Stepped Up

Greg Zuerlein has been dealing with a groin injury that caused him to miss the Week 2 loss, as well as a few days of practice. To replace him, the Jets signed Austin Seibert who made a PAT and a 34-yard field goal.

Next Contest

The Jets struggle in Dallas as they now see themselves 1-1. However, despite losing by 20, that only goes down as one loss. After spending the week in practice cleaning up their mistakes, they look to bounce back at home on Sunday in a pivotal division matchup against the New England Patriots. The Jets have not defeated the Patriots since December of 2015. If the Jets struggle in Week 3, this could be the beginning of the end for their playoff hopes.

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