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Julio Rodriguez is the Topps Cover

Above: Julio Rodriguez’s Topps Cover. In this picture, Seattle Mariners outfielder Julio Rodriguez graces the cover of the 2023 Topps Series One baseball card pack. Rodrgiuez earns this honor after an incredible rookie campaign in 2022. Photo Credit – Topps.

Julio Rodriguez is on the cover of Topps packs. The Mariners outfielder is the leading athlete in the 2023 Series One card collection.

Julio Rodriguez has a Topps Cover. The Mariners outfielder is the leading athlete in the 2023 Series One card collection. After an incredible rookie season in 2022, the now 22-year-old is bound for stardom early in his career.

More Details on the Cover

With the cards now officially available, Topps and Fanatics, the parent company, are part of a program to expand the reach of baseball.

ESPN notes here about Rodriguez’s excitement. Also, in an interview, Rodriguez says, “I never even thought it was going to be possible that I was going to be on a baseball card. I never thought I would be on the cover [of a] box of baseball cards —– but thanks to God and all the blessings, we were able to get here.”

The native of the Dominican Republic also had a favorite card growing up: Pedro Martinez.

Rodriguez’s Intrigue

And the Mariners outfielder is already developing quite a following, not just in Seattle, but also throughout the league.

Our own Trey Plummer notes here that Rodriguez will be on star watch ahead of the 2023 season. Rodriguez took the league by storm, crushing 28 home runs and finishing second in the Home Run Derby.

Topps also has an integration campaign to expand on its partnership with Little League baseball players. “That’s what it’s all about,” Rodriguez said. “Motivating new fans, getting new kids into baseball, showing them that it’s possible —– it’s a good feeling, motivating the generation that’s coming behind.”

So, as the 2023 season comes closer to a start, Julio Rodriguez’s Topps Cover will draw more interest for baseball card collectors. And the 22-year-old outfielder is poised for a big sophomore season. And his name will get more exposure thanks to this honor.

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