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Kamara Pleads No Contest Resulting In Lesser Charge

Gerald Herbert/AP

Case Closed? 

The Legal dispute between Alvin Kamara and the authorities has finally come to a close this past Tuesday. Kamara pleaded no contest to a conspiracy to commit an assault charge dating back to his arrest on February 6, 2022.

By doing so, the Saints running back did not confirm or deny his actions during the course of the event. Kamara settled with a mutual agreement that dropped the severity of the charge from a felony down to a misdemeanor. 

The incident took place in Las Vegas during Pro Bowl weekend. Shortly after, a video surfaced on the internet showing the scuffle that was exchanged at the nightclub. It has also been announced that Kamara’s civil charges have been settled. After being sued by the victim, Darnell Greene for $10 million dollars, their issues have been resolved on confidential terms. 

Kamara sent out a public apology to Greene saying “Please accept my sincere apologies for the events of February 5th, 2022 in Las Vegas.”

What Does This Mean For Kamara? 

Kamara was assigned a $105,196.17 fine to help pay for the victim’s medical expenses along with 30 community service hours. 

The NFL has a code of conduct policy leading to a six-game minimum suspension. This is most applicable to players committing aggressive behavioral crimes. Especially ones that are felonies and aggravated assault charges. The NFL’s policy on these related crimes is as follows: 

“With regard to violations of the Personal Conduct Policy that involve: (i) criminal assault or battery (felony); (ii) domestic violence, dating violence, child abuse, and other forms of family violence; or (iii) sexual assault involving physical force or committed against someone incapable of giving consent, a first  7 PCP – LPP 2018 offense will subject the offender to a baseline suspension without pay of six games, with consideration given to any aggravating or mitigating factors. The presence of possible aggravating factors may warrant a longer suspension.”

Kamara’s charge reduction most definitely helps his case from a legal perspective. However, this does not mean that a temporary suspension from the NFL will be dismissed. Time will tell depending on how the NFL will react. There have been several instances when the NFL has still taken action regardless of their legal charges being dropped. Some of these names include Ezekiel Elliot, Ben Roethlisberger, and Jameis Winston

What’s Next for the Saints?

If Kamara does get a weekly suspension, it will impact the intensity of the Saint’s running game. Since being awarded the OROY award in 2017, Kamara has been a vital piece of this offense. Luckily for the Saints, they have signed Jamaal Williams who they hope to fill Kamara’s shoes for his time missed. 

William signed with the Saints this past free agency after having a very productive season with the Detroit Lions. Williams is a very similar style runner. They both assert lots of power when carrying the ball and have great navigation skills The start of the Saints schedule is not as competitive which makes this potential transitional period easier. 

Now that Kamara’s case has been settled, the Saints hope to practice free of distractions. Time will surely tell whether or not number 41 will miss games. However, the issues within the court of law have been formally hashed out.

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