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Keep An Eye On New York Guardian’s Colby Pearson

Colby Pearson of the New York Guardians is trying to establish himself in the newly rebooted XFL. The wide receiver spoke with Back Sports Page about his football career and childhood in Idaho.

“I’ve played for as long as I could remember. [When I was] 6-7 years old I started in a flag league up there in Idaho and fell in love [with the game] ever since. My dad played college football at Idaho State. He was a wide receiver and we were a football family. He was actually a football coach for some time before I was born. I have always been bred, born, and lived football.”

Pearson played college football for the Brigham Young University (BYU) Cougars in Utah. Pearson was a Cougar for three seasons from 2014 to 2016. At BYU, Pearson played in 41 games and caught 76 passes for 864 yards and eight touchdowns.

“I wasn’t heavily recruited out of high school, so I was kinda disappointed. You kinda go through a mix of emotions because you feel like you are undervalued and underappreciated and almost [like] people aren’t seeing what you see. So I ended up being a preferred walk-on a BYU, so I walked in with a chip on my shoulder. But I am thankful because it made me form the work ethic that I have, you know, so if things were an easier path for me maybe I wouldn’t be the player I am today. I came in there, worked hard, year in a half later earned my scholarship. I kept that work ethic ever since, so here I am.”

Pearson went undrafted in the 2017 NFL draft but shortly after signed with the Green Bay Packers. Pearson spent the 2017-18 season with the Packers practice squad. Pearson recalled a special moment from his career when he received passes from Aaron Rodgers.

“One time I ran a hitch to his right side and [Rodgers] was looking to his left. I ran my hitch and I stopped and looked and no ball and Rodgers was looking to his left and threw it to me, hit me in the chest. I did catch it but I was like ‘wow.’ It was kinda cool he threw me this no-looker, and that was one of the few things I remember. It was awesome and Rodgers is a great, phenomenal, legend of a quarterback, so my time [in Green Bay] I really treasured it.”

After spending a year with the Packers, Pearson signed with the Atlanta Falcons in July of 2018. However, Pearson reached an injury settlement with the team in late August and was waived from the Falcons. Pearson spoke about the hardest part about working to receive the opportunities that he’s had.

“The biggest thing for me was realizing that I worked hard enough and I deserved to be there. It was one of those deals that you questioned your own ability and you go and you drop a ball and think, “Am I supposed to be there? Am I good enough to be here?” because you’re surrounded by Julio Jones, Davante Adams, you know what I am saying? It was kinda a battle of self-doubt at times and you gotta ride the roller coaster of how football goes. Right now I am confident as ever, I am feeling good as ever, which is why I think I have had some success on the field.”

During the 2020 XFL Draft, the New York Guardians selected Pearson during the final rounds. Pearson hopes that his play in the XFL will get him another shot at an NFL team.

“The XFL is the perfect opportunity for guys like me who have dealt with injuries and are trying to get back out there. It’s a great opportunity to get out there and show our skills, get some tape out there, and hopefully when the time comes teams will come calling.”

During the Guardian’s Week 1 victory over the Tampa Bay Vipers, Pearson caught two passes for 44 yards and a touchdown. During the Guardian’s Week 2 loss to the DC Defenders, Pearson only caught one pass for 9 yards.

Pearson has been targeted 8 times over the first two games, which is third on the Guardians behind Mekale McKay and Joe Horn Jr. Pearson is establishing himself as one of QB Matt McGloin’s most important weapons.

Pearson had a message for Guardian fans following their Week 1 win at Metlife Stadium.

“We appreciate the support, crazy turn out. We love the support, feed off the support, love the energy. Call up your friends and get everyone out there [at Metlife Stadium] for a couple of weeks when we come back.”

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