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Lakers Open To Visiting White House

The Los Angeles Lakers are reportedly open to returning to the White House once President-elect Joe Biden takes office. It’s been an NBA tradition that the defending champions visit the White House while on their trip in Washington DC.

“Members of the franchise, from players to management, see it as a pleasure and an honor to have their accomplishment recognized by the incoming president, but reconvening the tradition this season shall depend on logistics, sources said,” Yahoo! Sport’s Chris Haynes wrote.

It’s been confirmed that Biden’s electoral victory is authentic and in no way tampered with. This came after hours of Trump supporters raiding the US Capitol in a revolt on the election. Not to mention that President Donald Trump incited the violence to begin with. 

However, it is unclear when this trip will occur as the NBA has only released half of the season’s schedule due to Covid protocols. The only time the Lakers face off against the Washington Wizards is in Los Angeles on February 22nd. 

The LeBron James-led Cleveland Cavaliers were the last team to visit the Oval Office in 2016. This would be President Barack Obama’s last year in office, since then no other champion has visited the White House. 

President Trump rescinded his invitation to the Golden State Warriors after Stephen Curry said he didn’t want to go. LeBron James would also voice his opinions on the President’s decision to rescind the invitation by calling Trump a “bum.” 

In addition to the Lakers schedule matching up with Biden taking office, health and safety protocols continue to be a priority. With Covid-19 vaccinations distributed, the Lakers should have their opportunity to visit the White House this year.

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