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Leagues Cup Showcase 2022

This past Wednesday night at the SoFi Stadium, LAFC and Club América from Liga MX, gave fans an unforgettable match. The game was a part of a doubleheader bringing in a crowd of 71,189 fans. An exciting night not only for the fans but for the players as well as the match ended up going to penalty kicks.

For the first time ever, LAFC enters the Leagues Cup making this the second league in which LAFC participates. LAFC had only faced Liga MX clubs in the Concacaf Champions League, where they were 2-2-0 against Liga MX. Those matches took place during the 2020 Concacaf Champions League and LAFC made it to the semifinals where they also faced Club America. The match ended in a victory for LAFC back in 2020.

Following that match, LAFC and Club América found themselves under another stadium in the city of Inglewood, California. Both teams came to dominate the field as they played for over 90 minutes before heading to penalty kicks. 

As the first half begins, LAFC quickly finds the ball and makes an attempt to score the first goal of the night but is stopped by América’s goalkeeper, Oscar Jiménez. América could’ve made their own goal if it had not been for Federico Viñas, a striker, who delayed setting up the ball and lost the ball to the LAFC defense. 

During the second half, Club América came onto the field with more control of the ball and make great attempts to break the tied game yet they cannot get past LAFC’s goalkeeper, Mamadou Fall. Unfortunately for LAFC, they were not able to get over the defense of América especially Carlos Vela who was having a hard time finding the ball. After a tough 15 minutes, Vela is able to make a great pass to Cal Jennings, who unfortunately missed the attempt to shoot for the net. 

Finally, after a long game with no score in sight, the teams are sent to penalty kicks in order to determine the winner of the match. América makes the first shot leading them to an advantage which is maintained by Oscar Jiménez, who makes a great save. As the night progresses, the penalties reach a tie of 5-5 and with high tensions, LAFC enters for their last shot. Alas, it was José Cifuentes who shot over Oscar Jiménez’s frame and was unable to obtain the win for LAFC.      


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