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Miami Dolphins Offensive Report Card, C/Pass

Dolphins Offense – C/Pass


The Dolphins had some real struggles with their offense this year. While they may have had more than a few “ ‘A’ for effort” moments, they just didn’t get themselves together the way they needed to once Tua was off the field early in the season. There seemed to be a real struggle with completing plays and general team cohesion there on out. During their wild card game against the Bills the ball looked like it was being thrown with hope instead of strategy, because no receiver was in the vicinity! (A few times). The team didn’t adjust well to working with another QB and we just didn’t see the same Dolphins we saw in the pre and early part of the season.


The Miami Dolphins dealt with more than their fair share of injuries this year, which was unfortunate. Even Terron Armstead, who clearly improved the offensive line this year,  ended up with a foot (toe), knee, and pectoral injury this season, and left the Bills game with a hip injury to close it out. 


Skylar Thompson gets credit for stepping up, and while looking a bit too “deer in the headlights”, he also appeared genuine and sincere in wanting to do his personal best and best for the team.  They have all the athleticism in the world, and a whole lot of heart, they just didn’t have the chemistry this year to bring it together. They passed, but did not excel, C.

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