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Most Interesting College Bowl Names

The Bowl Season is almost upon us. Let’s look at some of the most interesting college bowl names in the NCAA. 

Specifically, this article will go over five names in history that could be funny, or just straight up odd.

Looking back, some conference rivalries, like the Iron Bowl (Alabama-Auburn) have plenty of heritage behind it.

Thinking about conference championships, Jake Oskorus has his recent thoughts from conference championships weekend here.

But enough fluff. Let’s delve into the five most interesting or wacky College Bowl Game Names.

The Five Most Interesting College Bowl Game Names

No. 5: The Gator Bowl

Recently acquired by tax preparation company TaxSlayer, the Gator Bowl finds itself in the five slots. The game takes place in Florida, home to the Gators, and will often feature an SEC team. The 2023-24 edition will feature the Kentucky Wildcats and the Clemson Tigers. The game is scheduled for New Year’s Day in Jacksonville.

No. 4: The Gasparilla Bowl

With a focus on the city of Tampa, Florida, number 4 on this list is the Gasparilla Bowl. According to the Gasparilla website, the name is “inspired by the legend of pirate Jose Gaspar.”

Gaspar infamously found his way to the waters of West Florida in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, and today, he has a bowl in his honor.

The game will be on December 22, with Central Florida squaring off against Georgia Tech.

No. 3: The Camellia Bowl

At number three on this list is the Camellia Bowl. Specifically, this game’s nickname fittingly comes from the state flower of Alabama. The 2023 showdown will feature the Arkansas State Red Wolves and the Northern Illinois Huskies.

No. 2: Pop Tarts Bowl

Formerly known as the Cheez-It Bowl, the Orlando game is now under a new name. Indeed, this one is a strange name. Henceforth, the Camping World Stadium is home to the Pop-Tarts Bowl. First known as the Blockbuster Bowl when beginning in 1990, this game features an ACC squad and a Big 10 or Big 12 competitor. Likewise, this year’s competition sees North Carolina State playing against Penn State.

No. 1: Duke’s Mayo Bowl

Finally, to close out the list, the most interesting, or definitely strangest, name on this list is the Duke’s Mayo Bowl. In action since 2002, this game averages at least 65,000 fans drawn to Charlotte. The 2023 edition will feature the North Carolina Tar Heels and the West Virginia Mountaineers.

Henceforth, there will be plenty of other odd names to look at. But these are just five of the most interesting college bowl name games to be on a bowl season schedule.


Nate Powalie is a contributor for Back Sports Page. A 2022 graduate of Ashland University (Ashland, Ohio), Nate has five years of sports writing experience, and has gotten the chance to call sporting events for radio and live stream. Nate also works as a cashier and can be found on Twitter (@PNate22) and Facebook (Nate Powalie).

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